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Dermadew Aloe Moisturising Cream Review

Dermadew Aloe Cream

Dermadew Aloe Moisturising Cream Review – Welcome back guys, Today I am going to review a super affordable dermatologist recommended face moisturiser that mainly suits normal-dry skin. Dermadew is best used emollient and potent moisturiser acts by hydrating the skin, makes skin soft, silky & supple. It protects the skin from drying and getting scaly.


Dermadew Aloe Lotion contains Aloe Vera gel, light liquid paraffin, and white soft paraffin.

Used mainly to relieve dry skin conditions, Liquid paraffin helps seal water molecules leaving the skin soft and supple for longer periods of time.

White soft paraffin (Petroleum Jelly) again, helps keep the skin hydrated by preventing the water molecules from escaping the skin surface. It also repels water and irritants from disturbing the skin.

Dermadew Aloe Cream review

Polypropylene glycol acts as a humectant which simply means, it helps attract moisture from the surroundings to the skin. It provides extra moisture while also acts as a preservative.

Aloe vera helps hydrate, heal and soothe the skin. The other Aloe based moisturise i have used is the Elovera cream(Review), which i have reviewed earlier.

Dermadew Aloe Cream helpful for dry skin conditions, particularly eczema and dermatitis, which get worse when the skin is allowed to dry out. Used regularly they help restore the skin’s smoothness, softness and flexibility by helping the skin retain moisture.

Dermadew Aloe Cream


The price for 50 ml product is 180rs. It is easily available in all pharmacy’s and even online. Buy Online – Dermadew Aloe Cream


Dermadew Aloe Cream ingredients

Ingredient analysis credit

Dermadew aloe moisturising cream ingredient analysis


Skin Type – Normal Sensitive

It is white in colour with a fragrance which reminds me of baby products. I do not like artificial fragrance BUT, in this case it is certainly a mild and pleasant fragrance. The fragrance fades away within a minute or two.

Dermadew Aloe Cream review


The Dermadew Aloe Cream leaves my skin feeling soft and supple to the touch, and the effects last all day, even during the winter season, so I don’t need to reapply. Although it contains super moisturizing ingredients, it doesn’t leave my skin looking dull or greasy.

To apply, I only use a pea-sized amount and use the five-point method to pat the product onto my skin. I usually rub the cream between the fingers of both hands before patting it onto my face, and this method works well for me.


Based on my personal experience, this moisturiser provides a matte finish on my normal skin, which may be similar on dry skin as well. However, I cannot attest to the same effect on oily skin. Therefore, I do not recommend this cream for individuals with oily skin.

Dermadew Aloe Cream review


Budget friendly
Good for winter season
Moisturises thoroughly
Leaves skin soft and supple
Did not irritate my sensitive skin
No breakouts so far
Smells like baby product
Moisturises throughout the day
Do not have to reapply
Moisturises dry patches and dry skin conditions
Aloe Vera soothes, calms irritated skin and heals the skin


Contains parabens, artificial fragrance and silicones 🙁
It has petroleum jelly and liquid paraffin
Not fungal acne safe
Not recommended for oily skin/sensitive skin 🙁


Certainly, it can be helpful if you have dry skin conditions. However, it is not advisable to use it for a long time. After resolving the dry skin condition, consider switching to other products like, Elovera, Bioderma Atoderm or the Physiogel. These are superior products available in the market with fewer questionable chemicals than this one. Despite having sensitive skin, I did not experience any irritation from the ingredients.

Rating – 3/5


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