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Elovera IMF (Intensive Moisturizing Formula) Cream Review

Elovera Imf Cream Review – I have been using the normal variant of this cream for years. I had already written a detailed Elovera Cream Review  a couple of years back. The dermatologist recommended it to me for my dry scaly patches that was caused by an allergic reaction.:(

This time i could find the cream anywhere because of the lock down and the only one they had was Elovera IMF (Intensive Moisturizing Formula) Cream.

Elovera IMF Cream- Buy Online

eLOVERA imf cream review

Product Details

Elovera IMF cream has a Intense moisturizing formula (IMF) best suited cream for dry skin. Elovera IMF cream contains Aloe vera, Sodium Gluconate, Vitamin E and Allantoin.

It lightens the marks caused due to environmental changes, dust & dirt caused by pollution. In gradually reduces the marks with regular use.

Ingredient Benefits

Aloe Vera moisturises the skin.

Vitamin E, moisturises the skin and protects skin from dehydration, keeping it soft and supple.

Allantoin keeps the skin soft, smooth, and healthy. It also helps protect the skin against various irritants

Sodium Gluconate exhibits favourable moisturising effect

elovera imf cream ingredients

How To Use

Apply the cream after washing or after bath as required on the affected area.
Use regularly for better results.

My Experience

Skin Type – Normal Sensitive

Elovera IMF Intensive Moisturizing Formula Cream itself is thick and creamy.

It does get absorbed easily.

elovera intense moisturising formula cream review

The fragrance of the Elovera intense moisturising cream is certainly weird. It has a chemical smell.

At first i believed this to be a fragrance free product like its other variant. But unfortunately, it does have fragrance and preservatives in it.

Elovera IMF cream does spread easily although it is quite thick. The cream gets absorbed in to the skin quickly too.

Elovera intense moisturising formula cream review

A couple of hours later,

My skin started to itch.

To my horror, the area around my nose, cheeks and upper lips turned red and bumpy. 🙁

My upper lips(Moustache area) looked like it was bitten by an ant or mosquitoes.

The itch was uncontrollable and the skin was scaly to touch.

elovera imf cream review


I washed off the cream and immediately applied antihistamine lotion. It took 2 whole days for the redness and itching to subside.

That was one hell of a nightmarish experience.

Later on, I did try this on my hands. Although the area did not turn red, there was a prickly feeling and itching here and there.

I discontinued using this cream altogether.

In short, that was a waste of money for a dermatologist recommended product.

What Caused The Allergy?

The below ingredients could be the main reason for the allergy. So if you have sensitive skin like me, BEWARE.

Quaternium 15

A known allergen. This formaldehyde releasing chemical is known to cause contact dermatitis.(Redness, Itching and Scaly skin)

There has not been clear studies as to whether this type of formaldehyde causes cancer.

Methy Lisothiazolinone

Triggers allergic reaction upon contact. It causes severe health issues when used for prolonged periods of time.

As per Safe cosmetics, European Society of Contact Dermatitis recommends that MIT be discontinued from use in leave-on skin products. 🙁

Why Are We Still Using This?


Easily available in pharmacy or online

Contains Aloe extract, Vitamin E and Glycerine

Does not leave an oil film on the skin

Gets absorbed completely

Suitable for cold winters


Fragrance is not good

Caused irritation, itching and redness on my face

Left my skin bumpy with mild pain on my moustache area

On hands – Prickly feel and itching

Will I Recommend Elovera IMF Cream?

Absolutely Not.

Go for better creams like A-derma Repair Cream

Well here ends my elovera imf cream review.

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