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Kerala Herbal Hair Oil Recipe | Hair Growth Oil

herbal oil ingredients

Hello there! I am excited to share a hair growth oil recipe with you today, inspired by the beauty of Kerala, often called “God’s own country.” The women there are famous for their incredibly long, thick, and healthy hair, and their secret lies in the use of powerful herbal hair oils and natural hair packs. I am pleased to share one such recipe that not only boosts hair growth but also tackles issues like dandruff and premature greying.


I have found this oil blend to be the most effective for my hair, but feel free to substitute coconut oil or sesame oil if they work better for you. Personally, I cannot leave coconut oil on my scalp for more than two hours without getting a headache, so I avoid overnight use. Since using this blend, I have seen a significant reduction in hair fall and can leave it on overnight without discomfort.

In case you want a store bought oil, I highly recommend this oil from Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Pharmacy – Malathyadi Coconut Oil. On the first use itself, it made my hair so soft and frizz-free. This was prescribed by my Ayurvedic doctor for hair fall and scalp problems and has been my trusted companion for many years.


In this article, you can find,

  • FAQ
  • Ingredient list, where to buy them, and their benefits
  • Herbal Hair Oil Recipe
  • Photo Instructions



I have divided the ingredients that I have used to make this homemade hair oil into,

  • Oil Blend (3 oils used)
  • Ingredients to grind to a paste (6 items)
  • Dry spices(3 spices)

Read on to know what these amazing ingredients does for your hair. Thicker, stronger and lustrous hair is not a dream anymore and Learn why it is so.


Oh, sweetheart, let me tell you about this amazing hair oil. It’s not just any oil – it’s like a little magic potion for your hair and scalp. This goodness not only gives your scalp a gentle wake-up call but also gets the blood flowing, bringing all the nourishment your hair craves. It’s like a little spa day for your roots, making your whole scalp happy and healthy.

Now, this precious oil doesn’t stop there. It’s like a drink of water for your scalp, keeping it moisturized and preventing any dryness or flakiness that might lead to pesky dandruff. And here’s the best part – it’s got these ingredients that can keep your hair from turning grey too soon, all without giving you headaches, colds, or chills. It’s like a hug for your hair, darling!

The oils that I prefer to use are as follows,


Let me tell you about the wonders of homemade coconut oil. It’s like a special treat for your hair and scalp. This natural goodness nourishes and moisturizes your scalp, encouraging your hair to grow beautifully.

This incredible oil doesn’t stop there. It dives deep into your skin, protecting against head lice and dandruff. And the results? Your hair becomes softer and shinier, and those frizzes? Poof, gone! It’s like a little enchantment for hair that’s happy and full of life!


Sesame oil is a timeless gem in natural hair care, trusted for centuries. This magical oil is like a feast for your hair, packed with nutrients that keep it happy and shielded from the sun’s mischief.

And here is the real reason you should be using this oil, sesame oil is like a fountain of youth for your locks. It fights against premature greying, making sure your hair stays its lovely color. Plus, it’s a superhero against hair fall and dandruff, a true calming serum for your scalp.

Also, Sesame oil is a natural warrior against scalp infections, thanks to its antibacterial and antifungal powers.


Castor oil is like a natural shield for your scalp, keeping those nasty infections away with its antimicrobial powers. The richness of castor oil adds a bit of oomph, giving your hair volume and a touch of thickness.

Castor oil is a true champ when it comes to promoting hair growth. It gets the blood circulating in your scalp, nudging those lovely strands to grow strong and healthy. And for those tresses that have seen some tough times, castor oil is like a gentle healer, fixing up and strengthening those damaged locks.

Finally, Castor oil gives your hair this radiant shine, making it look as glossy as a starry night. It is like a little scalp massage, calming irritations and soothing those dealing with dandruff or other scalp conditions

herbal oil ingredients


Aloe vera is known for its amazing moisturizing and conditioning touch. And if those pesky dandruff troubles are bothering you, aloe vera steps in like a soothing hero, easing symptoms like itching.

But here is a little tip from my book of wisdom – to make sure there are no surprise allergic reactions, I always take the latex out of a whole aloe leaf before using it. It is a simple trick actually, just cut the leaf, let it slant for about 30 minutes to an hour, and let that yellow liquid drain out completely. Safety first guys.


Onions are like little powerhouses, packed with sulfur that does wonders for preventing hair fall and keeping baldness at bay. It is like a superhero shield against thinning and those sneaky premature grey hairs.

Using onion in your hair care routine gradually works its charm, making your hair thicker and of top-notch quality. The cherry on top? You can use any type of onion to make this oil, making it an affordable solution for all hair types. It is like a budget-friendly potion for happy, healthy hair!


Amla is like a treasure trove of vitamins and minerals that your hair will adore. This little gem stimulates your scalp, getting that blood circulation going, and you know what that means? More oxygen and nutrients are delivered right to your precious hair follicles.

Amla is like a superhero against inflammation and bacteria. It is a natural defender, keeping those pesky mild scalp infections and hair fall at bay. It is like a secret weapon against those premature grey hairs.


Neem is packed with anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory powers. With neem leaves, you can create many DIY recipes that prevents those pesky scalp infections, promotes hair growth, and bids farewell to itching and flaking. Neem goes into battle against hair fall and dandruff, giving them a good fight. And would you believe it? In my own little journey, I have used neem leaves to tackle dandruff and strengthen my hair follicles, which in turn kept hair fall at bay.


Curry leaves are bursting with vitamins and proteins that give your scalp a pep talk and encourage the growth of new hair. And guess what? They are like little guardians, preventing that sneaky thinning of the hair.

Curry leaves work their wonders to strengthen each of your precious hair strands. It helps in reducing both hair loss and breakage. It is nature’s way of keeping your hair strong and beautiful!

herbal oil ingredients


With their anti-inflammatory powers, fenugreek seeds are a fantastic remedy for all sorts of scalp issues. And during the blazing summer season, these tiny seeds act like a cool breeze, soothing a hot head.

Fenugreek seeds work their charm, leaving your locks feeling soft, silky, and shining with radiance. And that’s not all, these little wonders are also quite effective in battling hair fall and showing dandruff the exit door.


These little gems are packed with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant powers that work wonders for your scalp. They are like little peacekeepers, soothing irritations, nourishing hair follicles, and gets rid of dandruff.

Kalonji seeds are like a nourishing gel for your scalp, helping to maintain a healthy environment and reducing hair fall while promoting that luscious hair growth. It helps in improving their texture and calms any irritations caused by dandruff.


Black pepper has antimicrobial powers, and helps against scalp infections and dandruff. It is packed with essential vitamins and minerals, like Vitamin C and iron, along with a fancy compound called piperine. Together, they are like a boost for your scalp, jazzing up the blood flow to your hair follicles and ensuring they get all the oxygen and nutrients they crave. Black pepper helps promote hair growth, keeping hair loss at bay, and ensuring those precious hair follicles stay happy and healthy.

And guess what? It is like a natural scrub, clearing away all those dead skin cells and built-up products from your scalp.


Do not worry if you cannot find fresh ingredients, dried herbs work just as well. To make it even more convenient, I will create a video showing how to make herbal oil for grey hair using dried herbs, so you can achieve beautiful hair easily. You can easily find small herb packets at your local store without spending a fortune. Whether you prefer fresh or dried herbs, there is a way to make herbal oil work for you and your hair.

Below are the ingredients you need to keep ready before we can actually start the whole process.

Use A Cast Iron Cookware For Best Results. (Trust Me, it does make a difference)


Coconut Oil- 100 ml
Sesame Oil – 200 ml
Castor Oil – 30 ml


You need to grind the below ingredients to a fine paste and keep them aside.

Pearl Onion – 10. (Big Onion – 1, You can use other types of onion to make this oil.)
Aloe Vera Leaf – one medium cut into cubes
Amla – 6
Neem Leaves – 3 sprig
Curry Leaves – 3 sprig


Fenugreek Seeds – 1 tablespoon
Nigella seeds – 1 Tablespoon
Black Pepper- 2 Teaspoon

If you are prone to migraine headaches, Reduce the amount of Fenugreek Seeds or skip them altogether.


Grind the Aloe vera leaf, Amla, Onions, Neem leaves and curry leaves together to a paste

herbal hair oil preparation

Powder the Fenugreek seeds, Nigella seeds and Black pepper to a powder. To a heavy bottom cookware, add the oils first followed by the paste and the powders. Keep the flame low until it starts to boil.

Homemade oil for hair growth and thickness

Mix everything until there aren’t any lumps in the oil. It should look like the below pic

homemade hair oil

Once the oil starts to boil, increase the flame to medium. Keep stirring occasionally. Every 5 minutes or so would be enough. This whole process will take about 50 minutes to 1 hour to finish. Once the ingredients settle to the bottom and the oil becomes clear, the hair growth oil is ready. (Like below pic)

diy hair oil for hair growth

The oil would be dark green in colour.

homemade hair oil

Let it cool down completely before straining it. Store the oil in a clean glass container.

hair oil for hair fall

You can store this oil for years. Always use clean utensils to handle the oil to avoid contamination.


Take the required amount of the hair growth oil in a bowl. Warm the oil for about 15 – 20 seconds. It should be warm not hot. Apply the oil to your scalp using your fingertips. Flip your hair upside down and massage the scalp with your fingertips. Use small circular motion. Flipping your hair and massaging, both ensures better blood circulation to the scalp. Massage for about 10 minutes. After that, Leave the oil for at least an hour before shampooing. You can leave it overnight too.

Repeat twice a week for best results.


Once a week is enough. You can oil your hair twice a week maximum.


Yes it is not good to oil everyday since it could lead to hair fall.


Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Argan Oil. Castor oil should not be used alone since it is too thick and hence has to be diluted with other oils before use.




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