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Glenmark Elovera Cream Review

Elovera cream is dermatologist recommended healing cream that treats a number of skin problems from dry patchy skin to treating pigmentation and scars. Read to know more about Glenmark Elovera Cream.

Glenmark Claims

  • Lightens Stretch marks
  • Removes post pimple scars
  • Reduces freckles & other skin stains
  • Contains natural aloe extracts with Vitamin E

Elovera Cream enriched with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E for dry skin, dermatitis, hyper-pigmentation and even scars.

Product Details

Elovera cream is a moisturising cream best suited cream for dry skin, to reduce scars dark spots and marks. Elovera cream contains Aloe Vera Extract, Vitamin E. It certainly lightens the marks caused due to environmental changes, dust and dirt caused by pollution. This cream when used consistently gradually reduces the marks with regular use.

  • Aloe Vera hydrates skin and  moreover enhances its moisture retention capacity.
  • Vitamin E, moisturises the skin and protects skin from dehydration, Also keeping it soft and supple.

What is Elovera Cream Used For?

Elovera cream is recommended in Dry Skin, Dermatitis, Hyper pigmentation resulting from chronic exposure to allergens, Irritants, Environmental changes, Smoking or from skin problem in conditions like Psoriasis, Atopic dermatitis, Eczema, Zero derma, Stretch marks, Post-acne marks, Post pimple scars, Freckles & other skin stains.

Ingredients In Elovera Cream

Purified water, white soft paraffin, glycerine refined glyceryl monostearate, cetyl alcohol, liquid paraffin, stearic acid, polysorbate 80, dimethicone 350, octyl dodecanol, allantoin, methyl paraben, imidurea, di-sodium edetate, triethanolamine, vitamin e acetate


Elovera Cream comes in a tube packaging


Fragrance Free


215/-, Available on offers too

Elovera cream, Buy Now


Smooth and easy to apply

Elovera cream

My Experience

Skin Type – Normal Sensitive

I have been using this Elovera cream on and off for the past two years. I had an allergic reaction to my mom’s Lotus Herbals youth Rx scrub and my skin turned red. There were these dry patches that looked burned and dark. 🙁

My dermatologist prescribed Elovera cream to soothe, moisturise and calm my skin. It worked and after three days all the irritation and redness subsided. Elovera cream has been in my staple since then.

Since i have sensitive Skin this product is a must have product for me. It is easily available in most medical stores and pharmacy. The product is mildly sticky. However you only need less than a pea size amount for the whole face. As this is a heavy moisturising cream recommended for dry skin, the stickiness is to be expected. Hence use less amount if you find it uncomfortable.

I do not use it everyday these days as it is not good to continue using the same product for longer than six months.

I like this cream because it really lives up to the expectation. It definitely works on dullness, dark spots, dry Patches. It works really slow so it might take up to a month to start showing results. So those who are using this for scars and hyper pigmentation. Please be patient and consistent.

Best creams to lighten hyper pigmentation, dark spots and scars

I apply this deep moisturiser after cleansing, toning, serum. But you may also mix it with your day or night routine during winters. The cream by itself is heavy. There is also a lotion variant available that you can use in summers.

Elovera Lotion, Buy Online

I suggested this to Mom and she has been using it from the past one month. She gave a thumbs up for this cream as it deep moisturises her mature skin. Her tinted sunscreen does not accentuate her dry patches any more and blends easily now.

There is a variant called Elovera intense moisturising formula which might prove better for dry skin as well as mature skin. Elovera IMF is more suited for the winters. This cream though is not suitable for sensitive skin. For more details, You can read Elovera IMF Cream Review here.

Elovera Intense Moisturising Formula, Buy Now

On consistent usage Elovera cream brings a glow to the skin and cures various skin issues. I cannot comment about stretch marks as i did not try it for that purpose.

If your skin is going through a bad phase and end up with redness, allergy and irritation definitely give this a chance. It worked for me.


  • Works on dry patchy skin
  • Deep Moisturiser
  • Good for Mature Skin
  • Soothes skin
  • Good for irritated skin
  • Helps with sun burn
  • Cost Effective
  • Reduces Pigmentation and Tan
  • No breakouts
  • Available in all Pharmacy
  • Results show when Elovera Cream is used consistently for 30-45 days
  • Good for promoting skin healing after acne treatments and cosmetic procedures
  • Fragrance free


  • May not suit oily skin due to the presence of Stearic Acid (Comodogenic Rating- 3)
  • Contains Parabens
  • Mildly sticky when you use more than a pea size.

Do i recommend this to everyone?

Yes,  For everyone except  acne prone skin.





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  1. This helped me alot thanks for this review! One question i have can we apply this on full face or only the affected area??

    • Elovera is best suited for normal to dry skin as it is a bit heavy. For oily skin it is better to choose a water based gel moisturizer.

      If you still want to give this a try, use less than a pea size amount and apply all over your face. You can use this cream twice daily during the morning and night after cleansing your skin.

  2. When and how should I apply the product? What is the right way to use the product? Can I use this as an alternative moisturizer?

    • You may use Elovera cream as an alternative moisturizer. Use this cream twice a day after cleansing and toning your skin. Take half a pea size amount and massage the cream in. Follow up with sunscreen while using it in the morning.

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