Skin Aqua UV Super Moisture Gel Review

Summer is here, and like always, I have been on the hunt for a waterproof sunscreen that works for my skin. I have tried Missha waterproof sun milk and Re’equil matte sunscreen in the past, but because my skin is dry from topical treatments, I want to steer clear of silicone sunscreens this year. Luckily, I found a deal on the Skin Aqua gel sunscreen, so I grabbed it. Considering my sensitive skin, One thing I was worried about was its alcohol content. Since Skin Aqua gel sunscreen is a cult favourite, I blindly decided to give it a try. Today I am sharing my experience with this sunscreen after using this for about a month.


Rohto Mentholatum Skin Aqua UV Super Moisture Gel is a chemical sunscreen that is sweat/waterproof. It boasts of a thin consistency and nongreasy formulation. This has four moisturising ingredients which leave your skin soft and hydrated.

Skin Aqua UV Super Moisture Gel Review


The Skin Aqua sunscreen comes in a white bottle with a twist cap. It surely has a convenient packaging and its nozzle dispenses the right amount of product so there is no wastage.

Skin Aqua UV Super Moisture Gel Review


The sunscreen has a lightweight milky white texture and a thin lotion-like consistency. I felt that its consistency is very similar to Beauty Of Joseon sunscreen. It is easy to spread and sinks into the skin very quickly.

Skin Aqua sunscreen Review


Once fully absorbed which is in less than 30 seconds, it leaves a healthy glow on my normal skin. There are times in the peak summers when I feel the finish is a bit too dewy for my liking, but I easily remedy that with a compact or translucent powder. I am sure this sunscreen would leave a matte finish in the winter.

Skin Aqua sunscreen texture


Japanese sunscreens are a cult favourite for a reason. They always bring superior products to the global market and this sunscreen is no exception. The Skin Aqua sunscreen does not leave a white cast which makes it suitable for all skin tones.

Ingredient analysis credit

skin aqua sunscreen

Although there is alcohol in this sunscreen, it also contains 4 other moisturising ingredients to compensate for that. I did not feel any dryness while applying this sunscreen even at the end of the day.


Taking a chance on this sunscreen was nerve-wracking for me because of my sensitive skin. Not only did it cause any skin problems for me, but it blended seamlessly, leaving my skin with a radiant glow. And you know what is the best part? My skin felt incredibly soft and supple after using it.

Skin Aqua sunscreen Review


I do like the fact that the Skin Aqua sunscreen comes in such a big bottle, 110g and 140g are so affordable and long-lasting. In the winter season, this sunscreen gives off a matte finish while it leaves a dewy to almost oily finish in the humid climate. I love that it has a comfortable non-greasy non-sticky finish in winters. You do need a setting powder in the hot summers. The texture is super lightweight and blends like a dream.

The ingredient list is somewhat clean except for alcohol and oxinoxate. They are not really the best ingredients for my sensitive skin but since my skin seemed to love this sunscreen, I can forgive that. I did get a strong alcohol scent from it initially and unbelievably so, this sunscreen was hydrating rather than tightening. It does not irritate my eyes either.

The fact that this sunscreen is free from artificial fragrance is a huge plus for me.

Coming to its performance, it is effective in protecting against sun tan and I never got tanned while wearing this sunscreen. I reapply using either the BOJ sunscreen stick or the Isntree sunstick but considering its texture, there shouldn’t be any problem with reapplication.


Broad spectrum sunscreen with spf50 PA++++
Lightweight texture
Sinks in quickly
Non-greasy and non-sticky
Dewy finish
Zero white cast
Hydrates my skin
Does not irritate my sensitive skin or my eyes
Prevents sun tan
Free from artificial fragrance


Contains alcohol so it may not suit dry skin.

RATING – 5/5 😍😍😍 

The first sunscreen that I have given a full 5/5 rating.



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