Essence Extreme Shine Volume Lip gloss Review

Essence lip gloss review

I have been struggling with dry chapped lips on and off for as long as I remember. I keep it under control with mild exfoliation followed by a soothing lip balm topped with Vaseline. This has been my go-to routine for years. It is super simple and it works. Here is the problem, I love liquid lipsticks since they are transfer-proof and last long. But as you can already guess, I cannot wear them for more than 4 hours without my lips looking like a desert. That is why I need a hydrating lip gloss in my bag at all times and the one that suited my needs was the Essence Extreme Shine Volume clear lip gloss. Today I am going to share with you the Essence lip gloss review, Hope you enjoy reading this and find it worth your time.


Essence Extreme Shine volume lipgloss promises maximum volume, extreme plumping, and carbon-neutral packaging, leaving your lips with a natural glow!

PRICE – rs260


The Essence lip gloss comes in a cute tube packaging with a convenient applicator. It is really easy to clean the applicator in case the lipstick transfers.


essence lip gloss ingredients


The lip gloss does have artificial fragrance in it which I do have a problem with. But it did not tingle or trigger any irritation at all. I have sensitive skin and prefer to use fragrance-free products as much as possible.


These extreme shine lip glosses by Essence have a very good formula. It does go on smoothly without being overly thick or thin. The applicator makes it easy to apply the product evenly. The product itself is lightweight and non-sticky. Although my hair does stick to my lips, I guess that happens with all my lip glosses so I am going to ignore that.

The formula is comforting to wear but is not hydrating by itself. I did apply this overnight when my lip balm plus vaseline routine was not really cutting it. My lips were so dry and painful because of retinol use. I was desperate so tried applying this lip gloss over my lip balm plus Vaseline and went to bed. Guess what? My lips were still soft and hydrated in the morning. I am sure this is not how it is supposed to be used but anyway, it worked well for me.

The lip gloss lasts for a decent amount of time with no snacks in between and gives me a shine. The brand does mention glitters in it but I have never noticed it on my lips since they are very subtle.

I wish it had more variety in its shade range though. I will repurchase this for its formula and love how it keeps my chapped lips looking healthy. If you have a bit more budget, I would recommend the Maybelline Lifter lip gloss though.


Lightweight formula
Comfortable to wear
Lasts a decent amount of time
Hydrates my lips
Pleasant and mild fragrance
Did not cause any irritation


Less shade range

You have reached the end of my Essence lip gloss review. Hope it helped you come to a decision on whether to purchase it or not.


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