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Papaya Face Pack For Pigmentation And Skin Whitening

This papaya face pack for pigmentation and skin whitening also helps remove tan and heal sun burnt skin. Adjust the recipe according to your skin type.

This is an easy to make recipe that works on many skin problems. The difference can be felt in a single use. The skin appears soft, smooth, calm and bright. It may take some time for it to show results on hyper pigmentation though.

To see results, Be patient and consistent with this all natural face pack. Do not forget to use sunscreen to protect your skin from further damage.

  • All face pack on PB are tried and tested for at least a week to a month before recommending to others

In case you are super busy or away from home, Choose from the below as per for your skin type 🙂

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  • Papaya mashed – 1 table spoon
  • Rice flour – 1 to 1.5 teaspoon
  • Curd/Yogurt – 2 tablespoon
  • Lemon Juice – 1 teaspoon

Sensitive skin should stay away from lemon juice.

Papaya face pack for pigmentation

I am using thick set curd here. That is why i am using two tablespoons of it. If the curd you are using is not as thick, then you may need to adjust the amount and add less curd.

curd face pack for acne

Benefits of Papaya On Skin

The fruit of angels has multiple benefits on the skin. Be consistent and you may see change in skin tone as well as skin texture.

  • Natural bleach
  • Lightens blemishes
  • Reverses sun damage
  • Soothes, calms and heals (Use unripe papaya with Aloe Vera gel)
  • Suits all skin types
  • Papaya seed is an Excellent scrub
  • Good for fungal infections
  • Reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Moisturises the skin (when used with honey)
  • Prevents signs of ageing
  • Good skin cleanser
  • Reduces acne and lightens acne scars (best with lemon juice)
  • Even tones your skin
  • Papain enzyme helps exfoliate dead skin cells

Sensitive skin beauties should stay away from unripe papaya as the high enzyme concentration may cause irritation or allergies.

I usually blend papaya in a mixer grinder like below and refrigerate it for a long time. 🙂

papaya face pack for skin whitening

Benefits of Lemon Juice

  • Anti bacterial
  • Natural skin brightener
  • Contains Hydroxy acids that help exfoliate dead skin cells
  • Prevents black heads
  • Natural astringent
  • Controls sebum production
  • Lightens blemishes, dark spots and scars

Lemon juice has the tendency to dry out your skin so moisturise afterwards if needed.

My Experience

Skin Type- Normal Sensitive

Hyderabad and Chennai are two of the most hottest places we have. I recently had an unavoidable trip to these places for government purposes. After the trip, both of our faces(mom and mine) were red, bumpy, tanned and dull because of sun burn. We used sunscreen at regular intervals though. Even my skin broke out near my chin. It was the worst experience.

My husband did not get tanned but his skin was again irritated, red and bumpy just like mine. We are not used to such harsh climate i guess.


papaya face pack for tan removal

Both of us decided to use papaya face pack for tan removal, soothing and healing our sun burnt skin and for overall skin brightening. It has been two weeks since then. My skin has been healed and the skin colour also went back to normal. The redness and burning sensation on my sensitive skin calmed down in a 1-2 uses. There is an instant brightening effect whenever i use this face pack.

The breakouts also dried without leaving any marks behind. But i did apply Faceclin gel on them after washing the face pack and followed up with sunscreen.

If you are planning to use papaya face pack everyday, Keep in mind that it may not be a good idea to use lemon juice daily. It might make your skin hyper sensitive to UV rays. Use sunscreen religiously to protect your skin and prevent sun damage.

Use lemon juice 3-4 times a week. The rest of the ingredients can be used everyday without any problems.


  • Perfect for summer
  • Lightens and brightens skin
  • Soothes redness
  • Calms irritated and sun burnt skin
  • Moisturises
  • Promotes skin healing
  • Even tones skin
  • Removes sun tan
  • Imparts healthy glow
  • Rejuvenates the skin
  • Can be used everyday
  • Suits all skin types

In case you do not have time for homemade recipes, you can choose store bought  face packs like,

  1. Organic pigmentation and blemish removal face pack, Buy Now
  2. Biotique Depigmentation face pack (Review), Buy Now
  3. Biotique papaya scrub, Buy Now

Use Biotique papaya scrub as a face pack rather than a scrub. As a scrub, it might be a little harsh on the skin. This totally depends on your skin type though.



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    • If you are using lemon juice, then limit to 3-4 times a week. If it is just papaya, rice flour and curd then you may use this face pack everyday until you get the desired results.

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