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O3+ Bridal Facial Kit Facial Kit Review | Oxygenating Glow Skin

o3+ bridal facial kit review

O3+ Bridal Facial Kit Oxygenating Glow Skin Review – I have opted for the O3+ Radiant & Glowing Facial Kit by the Italian brand 03+ this festival season. In case you are interested, I have recently written a review of this product, which you can access through the link at the end of this article.

It’s worth noting that the O3+ facial kit is the most expensive single-use facial kit I’ve ever purchased. However, I discovered that the same 03+ facial costs around 3500 rupees at a renowned salon, while their Raaga facials start at 1600 rupees. This fact encouraged me to go ahead and purchase the kit, and the question now is, do I regret my decision? Keep reading to find out.

I’m a big fan of home facials for two reasons. Firstly, my husband dislikes going to salons for clean-ups but struggles with stubborn blackheads. Secondly, I have sensitive skin that tends to become red and irritated after a salon facial, which worries me. For more than twelve years, I have been doing home facials, pedicures, and manicures, which is not only cost-effective but also ensures that my skin remains free of irritation.


To ensure a calming and soothing experience for my sensitive skin, I always refrigerate my facial kit before use.

For those with sensitive skin, I recommend dipping your hands in chilled water or water with ice cubes before massaging. This helps to soothe and calm the skin, prevent redness, and promote blood flow without causing any tugging or pulling. In my experience, using cold water rather than normal or warm water produces the best results.

As for my husband, after double cleansing, I utilized steam and a pore strip to effectively remove his stubborn blackheads.

o3+ facial kit review


₹780 (Sale price- 660rs)

BUDGET FRIENDLY DUPE – Of all the brands I have tried, the best alternative for O3+ facial kit would be Paragon’s LUME facial kit with seaweed peel off mask, which is priced at 350rs. I have used the 7-step sensi white facial kit from same brand.


The various components of this kit work in tandem to achieve a range of benefits for the skin, including brightening, moisturizing, purifying, and tan removal. By removing tan, dirt, and dead skin cells, this kit helps to maintain optimal skin brightness and health, with results lasting for several days.

The O3+ Bridal Oxygenating Facial Kit is an excellent choice for all skin types, providing a flawless texture and whitening and brightening benefits to help you radiate on your special day.

o3+ facial kit review


1. Ensures wonderful results as it boosts radiance while solving multiple skin concerns. All the products of this kit works together to brighten, moisturize, purify and remove tan from the skin.

2. Well suited for removing tan, dirt and dead skin cells to maintain optimal skin brightness and health that will last for multiple days.

3. Gently repairs and moisturize your skin with its powerful ingredients to reveal smoother, cleaner and more radiant skin.

4. Suits all sorts of skin types to let them have a flawless texture along with whitening and brightening benefits to glow on their special day.


O3+ Bridal Facial Kit Oxygenating Glow Skin is a 10 step regimen that ensures wonderful results as it boosts radiance while solving multiple skin concerns. Here is the O3+ Bridal Facial Kit Facial Kit Review for you guys.

MILK WASH (5g x 1N)

This step constitutes the initial stage of double cleansing, which effectively eliminates any makeup residue from your pores.

A gentle massage of 2-3 minutes is all that is required to remove oil, dirt, and sweat. The face wash is extremely mild and does not cause any irritation to the skin. While it does possess a mild fragrance, it did not cause any discomfort to my sensitive skin.

o3+ facial kit


The second phase of double cleansing involves a water-based clear gel that aids in removing any residual makeup and cleansing your pores. This gentle gel felt particularly soothing on my skin.

o3+ facial kit review

OXY D-TAN PACK (5g x 1N)

The oxy D-tan pack is highly effective in lightening up to two shades of tan, resulting in noticeably brighter skin. It features a refreshing peppermint fragrance, and the quantity provided is sufficient for facial use. However, it would have been preferable to include enough for the neck area as well.

To use, apply the pack and leave it on for 10-15 minutes before wiping it off with a damp towel.


Upon application, both my husband and I experienced a temporary burning sensation around the nose and upper lip area, which subsided within 2-3 minutes. The intensity of the sensation was nearly enough for me to wash it off, although we did not experience any redness or inflammation following the treatment. While the pack proved effective, it may not be suitable for all skin types. Unfortunately, individuals with highly sensitive skin should probably avoid this product.

o3+ facial kit review


The toner is clear and has no particular fragrance to it. The skin appears calm and clear at this stage.

o3+ facial kit


Massage the product onto your skin for 10-15 minutes. As I have previously stated, I prefer to immerse my hands in chilled water before starting the massage, as this enhances the skin’s radiance while avoiding any adverse reactions like redness or a warm sensation. The product is exceptional and delivers a healthy, radiant glow to my skin without leaving it looking oily.

o3+ facial kit


Apply and leave it for 10 minutes. Wipe off with the wet towel.

o3+ facial kit


Apply the sheet mask onto your skin, leaving it on for 10-15 minutes. Once you remove the mask, gently pat any excess essence into your skin.

This sheet mask is loaded with nourishing essence that deeply moisturizes and hydrates the skin. I presume it contains hyaluronic acid, which effectively draws moisture to the skin’s surface, creating a plump and healthy appearance. The sheet mask performs precisely as intended, and I personally enjoyed the experience. 😊

o3+ facial kit


Mix the peel-off mask powder with water in a 1:2 ratio, then apply a thick layer onto your face. Once the mask firms up, peel it off starting from your chin and moving towards your forehead. Make sure not to leave it on for too long or let it dry completely.

The peel-off mask easily comes off without sticking to your hair or skin, causing no discomfort while peeling. It helps to remove excess oil and impurities from the skin, leaving it radiant and glowing.

o3+ facial kit


Massage the serum into your skin for 3 minutes or until it is completely absorbed. Although there are no immediate results, after 24 hours, my skin appeared noticeably brighter and more radiant.

o3+ facial kit

MELADERM SPF30 (2g x 1N)

❌ One piece of advice – I suggest avoiding the use of this sunscreen.

This particular sunscreen may not be appropriate for all skin types, as I found it to be thick and creamy and difficult to apply. Additionally, it leaves an unattractive white cast. I also suspect that it could potentially cause breakouts in some people. Therefore, it may be better to stick with your trusted and proven sunscreen.

o3+ facial kit


10 steps feels luxurious
Good packaging with instruction manual
Easy to use
Removes 2 shades of sun tan effectively
Brightens the skin
No skin irritation or breakouts
Moisturises and hydrates the skin
Adds a healthy glow
Skin looks calm, nourished and healthy
Refrigerating the kit provides better results


Ingredient list not available anywhere.
Sunscreen(Step 10) is not good and may cause breakouts. so better skip it and go with your own sunscreen.
The D-tan pack has less amount of product in it and also, there is a burning sensation on my skin. So it may not suit extremely sensitive skin.
Glow did not last long but, my skin still looked brighter, calm and smooth even after a week.


Yes, I loved this facial kit, It simply did everything it claimed to do.

✅ Tan Removal
✅ Brightening
✅ Moisturising and hydrating
✅ Smoothen texture
✅ Add a glow

RATING – 4/5

That is it for todays O3+ Bridal Facial Kit Facial Kit Review. This facial kit is suitable for all skin types but do buy from a reputed online platform or offline Nykaa store since i have seen lot of duplicate variants of this online.

If you are interested, I have recently reviewed the O3+ Radiant & Glowing Facial Kit(Review Here), you can check it out in the mentioned link.

I will be back next week with another post. Let me know what you think about this by simply clicking the emoji below.😇












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