Lume Sensi White Facial Kit Review

lume sensi white facial kit review

Lume Sensi White Facial Kit Review – This is the facial kit that i chose for this festival season. I decided to go for Lume sensi white as it is suitable for even the most sensitive skin and also has a good ingredient list and the 7 steps made total sense to me.

This purchase was a total gamble which i do not regret at all. I think I did mention this product on my best facial kit for dark skin/bridal glow compilation post earlier.

lume facial kit review


Firming White Facial Kit for anti-ageing and acne

Detox White Facial Kit for acne-prone skin

Bright & White Facial Kit for pigmentation, uneven skin tone and sun tan.

Sensi White Facial Kit for sensitive skin, irritated skin or redness


Rs. 280.00, I got a genuine product on sale for less than 250/-

Lume Sensi White Facial Kit is AVAILABLE HERE

lume sensiwhite facial kit review


This Single-Use Facial kit has 7 unique steps that work on all skin types. It efficiently eliminates impurities and protects the skin. Its neutralizing acid neutralizes and hydrates the skin by working on pigmentation.

Its nourishing emulsion forms a moisture barrier on dry and rough skin. One of the best ways to hydrate your skin and help it recover from UV exposure and other environmental aggressors, this range combines potent botanical ingredients.


It helps your skin to glow and shine all day long. It also minimizes the appearance of sunburn cells. Barrier reparative innovations for sensitive skin Soothe the red irritated skin.

  • Soothes redness and irritated skin
  • Prevents clogging of pores
  • Works on hydration
  • Recover from UV exposure


For the best results must use it twice a month (every 15 days) for a perfect salon radiant skin.


It is suitable for all Skin Types.

  • Skin Concerns: For sensitive skin, irritated skin, Skin redness


The fragrance is subtle and pleasing. Some of the products did not have any particular scent to them.


Skin Type – Normal Sensitive

Here is my Lume sensi white facial kit review for you guys.


lume sensiwhite facial kit review

Lume cleansing milk delicately removes impurities, moisturises and protects the skin. It cleanses the skin by removing away the dirt, impurities and pollution.

Apply a small amount to a wet face and neck with a light circular motion. Rinse thoroughly with water.

This cleanser has a lotion like consistency and is white in colour. It does work really well in removing sweat, dirt and cleanses the pores thoroughly.


lume facial kit review

Lume scrubbing cream gently exfoliates dead skin cells and suits even the most sensitive skin.

Apply and leave for 10 minutes. With a fingertip, massage gently for a minute. Use water if required. Wipe off.

The scrub is really gently on the skin and does not contain any harsh particles in it. After 10 minutes of applying the scrubbing cream, i applied steam to my face for a couple of minutes until i started sweating.

Massage it for a minute before wiping it off. Remove blackheads/whiteheads at this stage using the tool.


lume sensiwhite facial kit review

Lume derma toner uses only natural ingredients and works on skin pigmentation and helps brighten the skin. It contains extracts of aloe vera, clove, along with glycerine, honey and vitamin C in it.

Break the ampule and apply the toner on to damp face and neck. Do not wipe off.

The Lume toner is pink in colour and the quantity provided is sufficient for the face and neck area. I did not notice any irritation after applying it either.


lume sensiwhite facial kit review

Lume NMF serum helps hydrate, balance and refine the skin. It prevents the skin from drying and cleanses deep within.

Contains Daruharidra, aloe and rose essence or water. The NMF serum has a pale yellow kind of colour.

You get 2 ampules of the NMF serum. Break both the ampules and apply the serum all over your face and neck. Layer it until you apply all of the serum, like the Korean 2-skin method.

Do not wipe off.


lume sensiwhite facial kit review

Lume vitamin cream is an ultra nourishing emulsion that forms a skin barrier over dry and rough skin. The nourishing cream certainly helps in making the skin look younger and brighter.

Gently massage over the face, neck and decollate. Leave on.

The massage cream is good and has a perfect creamy consistency. It does leave my skin soft and supple, smooth and bright too.


lume whitess mask

Lume whitess mask contains milk acids that helps neutralize pigmentation. It is rich in plant extracts which nourish and hydrate the skin.

Lactic Acid: Best suitable to treat hyperpigmentation, age spots and uneven complexion.

Apply a generous amount to the face and neck. A slight tingling may occur while the mask works its magic. Remove after 10 minutes with a damp cloth.

As the brand already mentioned, there certainly was a tingling sensation which scares me because of my sensitive skin. But, fortunately there wasn’t any redness or irritation after using it. I most certainly did not notice any instant results after wiping off the mask. Though after a few hours, my skin did appear brighter and radiant.


lume sunscreen

Lume sunscreen lotion protects your skin against UVA, UVB and Infrared rays of the sun. This sunscreen also minimises the appearance of sunburn/suntan and is water resistant too.

SPF 30: Shields the skin against harsh sunlight and keeps your skin away from tanning.

Apply liberally to face and neck. Apply a generous amount to clean, dry skin 15-20 minutes before sun exposure, and again after swimming, towelling or exercising

As i did the facial at night, i did not use the sunscreen then. The consistency of the sunscreen is light and lotion like which makes it super easy to apply. It does get absorbed easily without leaving a noticeable white cast.



Good packaging as sachets & ampules

Mild to no fragrance

No skin irritation or breakouts

Cleanses the pores thoroughly

Exfoliates dead skin cells

Removes blackheads/whiteheads (Refer step 2)

Hydrates the skin

Leaves the skin soft, supple and smooth

Adds a glow to my normal-sensitive skin

Skin appeared brighter and dewy after 4 hours of application

Effects last for a few days.



Overall i quite like this facial kit and would recommend it to those having sensitive skin. Although i must say, skin care is subjective and so the results may vary but considering the affordable price range and depending on your skin type, you can certainly give any of the 3 Lume facial kit variants a try.




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