Raaga Professional Stem Cell Infused Fairness Facial Kit Review

Raaga stem cell facial kit review

Raaga Professional Stem Cell Infused Fairness Facial Kit Review – So today i am going to talk about my Diwali skin glow secret. After a week of cleaning and redecorating my house, it was finally time to take care of my skin.

Hope you all had a very happy Diwali. 🙂


I bought this 6- step facial kit on offer along with some other products which i will be reviewing in the future. You can easily buy Raaga Fairness Facial Kit Online on offer price.

This brand and stem cell series was recommended by my mother. 🙂 She did Raaga anti-ageing facial and raved about how it really brightened her face, removed tan and tightened her skin.

Usually i go for the anti-ageing facial kits but, since it is Diwali and both my hubby’s and my skin did look dull, i decided to choose the brightening facial kit.

So Lets Us See How This Facial Kit From Raaga Fared. Shall We?

Raaga Facial Kit Benefits

  • Comes with 6 products
  • Brightens the skin
  • Removes tan and dullness
  • Exfoliates dead skin cells
  • Removes blackheads/Whiteheads
  • Softens and smoothens the skin
  • Skin appears clean and matte right after the facial
  • The products can be used at least two times. It was enough for my husband and me.
  • It did not cause breakouts or irritation
  • The glow stays for about 3 days for me.

To be honest, i couldn’t see much glow on my hubby’s face.

Why is it so difficult to bring a glow to a man’s face. 🙁 But, nevertheless his face looked clear, bright and soft with no blackheads, that’s the best i could do. 🙂

Finally, Suitable for all skin types – Full ingredient list is not disclosed by the brand.

Raaga stem cell brightening facial kit review


Raaga’s Stem cell facial brings forth the goodness of natural plants and fruits stem cells.

Stem cell penetrates deep into your skin, therefore, the results last longer than regular facials.

Raaga Professionals Stem Cells Infused Advance Facial Fairness kit is infused with Alp rose stem cells.

This facial kit boosts epidermal regeneration, improves skin lightening and helps skin to cope with climate change.

This kit is meant for one time use.



Sale price is usually around 387/-

Raaga Stem Cell Infused Fairness Facial Kit – Buy Online Here

Key Ingredients

Mulberry extract, liquorice extract, Wheat germ oil, Grape seed oil, Rhododendron Ferrugineum leaf cell culture extract.

Raaga Professional Stem Cell Infused Fairness Facial Kit Review


The cleanser is pink in colour and has  quite a creamy consistency.

It does foam a bit and effectively removes all dirt and grime.

Massage the cleanser for 5 minutes using gentle strokes and then, wipe it off or rinse in cold water.

Raaga facial kit cleanser


The exfoliator is on the thicker side and has tiny particles in it.

I’m not sure what they are made of BUT, these tiny beads help exfoliate dead skin cells without hurting your skin.

Apply the exfoliator all over your face and leave it on for 3 minutes.

Dip your hands in cold water and massage with gentle pressure.

Use small circular motion while massaging.

Continue massaging for another 3 minutes.

Raaga facial kit exfoliator


After wiping off the exfoliator, i apply facial steam to open my pores.

It helps get rid of blackheads/Whiteheads faster.

After wiping off the exfoliator, you can see that your skin has become soft and smooth to touch.


Apply the toner all over your face and neck with the help of a cotton pad.

No need to wait for it to get completely absorbed, you can continue to step 4.

Although i did tap with my fingers until the toner got absorbed into my skin before applying the serum.

Raaga facial kit review - Toner


The serum has a golden coloured gel like texture. The consistency of the serum is in between a liquid and a gel so it is not really runny.

Apply the serum and massage gently until it gets fully absorbed into the skin.


Raaga stem cell facial kit review - Serum

Massage Cream

This cream is pink in colour and is very creamy as it should be.

Apply the cream and massage for 15 minutes.

Use upward strokes starting from your neck and move upward towards your chin, mouth area, cheeks, nose, eyes and finally your temples.

Do not forget to apply acupressure to the 5 pressure points on the face.

Use gentle BUT firm motion.

Raaga facial kit review - Massage Cream


This helps relieve tension, and release the happy hormones Endorphins. 🙂

Massaging also helps improve blood circulation, rejuvenate the skin, tighten and tone the skin, drain the lymphatic gland and minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

After 15 minutes of massage, it does make my face oily. Don’t fret, the peel off mask does pull out oils and leave your skin soft, supple and matte.

Peel Off Masque

White in colour with pink strands in it. I am not really sure what it is or what it does.

Apply just enough water to make a thick but spreadable face mask.

Apply this mask to your face for 20 minutes or leave it on until it dries.

Peel off the mask in the direction of hair growth.

Raaga brightening facial kit review - Peel Off Masque


Do not use soap or scrub on your face for the next 24 hours.

Avoid going out in the sun if possible.

Optional, Drink a glass of milk and have a banana after dinner before going to bed. This was my once-upon-a -time beautician’s recommendation. I thinks it does help my skin glow.


Raaga Professional Stem Cell Infused Fairness Facial Kit helps brighten my skin and remove tan.

Note that it does not remove older tan that effectively.

With all the Diwali cleaning and not stop cooking, my skin had that dullness due to sweat and heat.

The glow does stay for about 3 days.

Will I Recommend Raaga Stem Cell Facial Series?

Yes, absolutely.

It worked for my mother. Now for me and my husband.

Although i couldn’t see much glow on my hubby’s face. Why is it so difficult to bring a glow to a man’s face. 🙁 But his face was clear, bright and soft, that’s the best i could do. 🙂

Rating – 4/5




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