Earth Rhythm Ultra Defence Hybrid Sun Fluid SPF 50 Review

Earth Rhythm sunscreen review

Earth Rhythm Ultra Defence Hybrid Sun Fluid SPF 50 Review – Fragrance Free sunscreen that i purchased on sale. Let us talk about this product in detail.

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The Ultra Defence Sun Fluid helps protect the skin against the harmful effects of the sun and its UV rays. It has a soft, dry, water-resistant finish. The formulation includes both mineral and chemical filters that are encapsulated for long-lasting protection against the UVA and UVB ray.

Our Ultra Defence SPF 50 has a gel-based lightweight fluid texture that comes with sustainable packaging, airless pump based tube & is travel-friendly

Testing Method: In-vitro SPF obtained for Ultra Defence Sun Fluid is 75.36 using COLIPA method
COLIPA Guidelines,

  • Critical wavelength 378, PA rating as PA++++

Earth Rhythm Ultra Defence Hybrid Sun Fluid SPF 50 Review


50g for ₹715. Get it on sale for ₹357/-

Earth Rhythm Sunscreen, BUY NOW


Earth rhythm sunscreen comes in both tube as well as bottle packaging. While ordering, You are free to select your choice on the website.

Earth Rhythm sunscreen review


No artificial scent added.


The Earth Rhythm sunscreen has a light weight lotion like consistency.

Earth Rhythm Ultra Defence Hybrid Sun Fluid SPF 50 Review

Ingredient analysis credit

This is the updated ingredient list as of Nov’2022.


earth rhythm sunscreen ingredients


Skin Type – Normal Sensitive

As usual, I conducted a patch test prior to applying this sunscreen to my entire face. During usage, I did not experience any irritation or breakouts. The Earth Rhythm sunscreen has a lightweight, lotion-like consistency that makes it effortless to apply and blend. Additionally, it gets absorbed quite quickly.

Earth Rhythm sunscreen review

If applied in the recommended quantity (1 teaspoon or 2-3 fingers), this sunscreen does leave an oily finish. However, unlike other thick and creamy sunscreens, it doesn’t make my skin feel suffocated. Once I blot the excess oil, my skin appears dewy and less dull.

Earth Rhythm sunscreen review


Now lets talk about its problems that I find unacceptable. Did they lower the quality to make it budget friendly, I can only wonder.

Earth Rhythm sunscreen review

Now lets talk about its problems that I find unforgiving. Did they lower the quality to make it budget friendly.


The initial tube had a gritty texture, whereas the second one was smooth, and the third contained small glittery or shimmering particles. I do not understand how the consistency and formulation keeps changing with every batch. That is highly unprofessional.💢

This makes me wonder whether the SPF rating is also affected by the change in formulation. Moreover, I am concerned whether the new formula has been tested for SPF using the COLIPA method.


Regarding sun protection, the Earth Rhythm sunscreen claims to have SPF50 PA++++, and the laboratory vitro test results displayed on their website back this up, indicating an SPF of 78 PA++++. However, based on my own experience, while it functions effectively as an indoor sunscreen, it does not provide complete protection when used outdoors. Even with a COLIPA tested SPF, you may notice some mild tanning. It certainly makes my face look dull.


Good packaging
Always on sale
Light weight
Hybrid sunscreen
Provides high sun protection – spf 50 PA++++
Easy to spread and blend
Does not cause breakouts or irritation
Fragrance free
Zero white cast
Budget friendly when on sale, 350/-
Suitable for normal-dry skin


Oily finish and is slightly sticky on my normal skin.
Claims to be fragrance free but it does have a mild scent to it.
Consistency varies with each batch.
Did not prevent sun tan completely


To be frank, there are other alternatives available in the market. Purchasing a sunscreen from this brand is close to taking a risk, as there is no guarantee that you will receive the desired product. If you still wish to try it out, I suggest purchasing it from their website, as they may provide a replacement in the event that you receive a poorly formulated product.

As this sunscreen is almost on sale throughout the year, you could give it try.


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  1. Thank u for your honest review, not good on their part to use harmful ingredients and advertising as safe for skin.They must be sued for this

    • Hi Ranjita, I totally agree with what you said especially when lot of women are having fertility related problems these days. These hormone disruptors just make things worse.😞 No wonder people are moving towards Korean products. Hope other brands will bring safe and budget friendly products in the future. Thanks for dropping by dear.😇

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