Lamel Comfort Care Oil Review

lamel lip oil review

Unlike the skin on the rest of our face, our lips do not have oil glands to keep them hydrated. So, when we use exfoliators and retinol on our face, it can make our lips dry too. That is why it is important to use moisturizing lip balms to keep our lips healthy and hydrated. Today I am going to share my experience with one such lip care product, the Lamel lip oil.

Lip oils are relatively new to the lip care world. They are fan favourites because they moisturise and nourish the lips without feeling heavy or sticky. To be honest, I bought the lamel lip comfort care oil without any expectations and purely out of curiosity. I have not found a Korean beauty innovation that disappoints me yet. From their sunscreen sticks to lip tints, BB creams, and cushion foundations, each one has been a hit. Now, I am excited to try their lip oil. Korean beauty always brings us cute, effective, and convenient products.

My lips get really dry easily and need a lot of care. Even if I exfoliate them and use lip balm before putting on lip tint or liquid lipstick, they still tend to feel dry within a few hours. But I have found this lip gloss from Essence that I love. This is what keeps my lips healthy, and I have been using it for a while.


Comfort Care Lip Oil instantly eliminates dryness, protects lip skin and heals cracks. The active nourishing components make the lips visually more smooth and also infuse the delicate skin with moisture.


6ml – rs250 |  You can grab this product on sale for less than 200.

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The main ingredients of the Lamel lip care comfort oil are mineral oil and tocopherol acetate, aka vitamin E.


I just bought the Lamel lip oil out of curiosity to see what the hype was about since everyone seemed to like it. The packaging of this product is cute, and the design is quite similar to that of a nail paint.  The applicator is great and when you put the lip oil on, it smells fruity and sweet. It feels like a light oil and is moisturising on my lips. It does leave my lips nourished and soft. I can see why it has received so many good reviews.

The texture of this lip oil is lighter than my Essence lip gloss, but my hair still sticks to my lips sometimes, so watch out for that. I could feel the lip oil on my lips but since it makes my lips soft and works well over a lip tint, I do not mind. Then again, it also makes the color of my lip tint pop, like I just put it on.

The finish of the Lamel lip oil is glossy as expected. It does not smear or create a messy outline when you put it on over your lipstick or tint. This does not add any colour or tint to my lips.

I have been applying this oil over my lip balm before going to bed and when I wake up in the morning my lips are still moisturised. It is a wonderful product that worked well on my dry lips in just over a week. I absolutely love it and will recommend it to everyone, especially to those with dry chapped lips.

The staying power is over 5 hours but only if I do not eat or drink anything.

Just one thing that bothers me is its fragrance. Personally, I do not prefer products with artificial fragrances because of my sensitive skin and migraine issues. This product did not trigger my sensitivities but still, I would have liked a fragrance-free version more.


Cute packaging
Light oil
Does moisturise dry lips
Leaves my lips soft and smooth
Fruity scent
Stays for almost 4-5 hours
Does not smudge


Contains artificial fragrance and mineral oil

RATING – 4/5








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