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DIY Vitamin C Serum for antiageing and skin brightening

There is no need to introduce this miracle ingredient to you. Everybody literally raves about the benefits of vitamin c serum. Guess what? It’s all true and you can make diy vitamin c serum at much cheaper rate. Vitamin c is an anti oxidant which helps to fight free radicals which accelerate ageing. Today we are going to talk about how to make  Vitamin C Serum At Home.

Ageing cannot be stopped but the process can be slowed.

Vitamin C Serum work exceptionally well with sunscreen, so always follow up with a broad spectrum sunscreen after applying the serum if you decide to use it in the morning. When applied in the morning it acts much like a sunscreen and so it reacts with uv light and not much is absorbed into the skin.

  • It is better to apply the serum at night so it gets absorbed and helps the skin preparing to fight the free radicals the next day. 🙂

You can find my compilation here,   Best Vitamin C serums Available in The Market

Vitamin c ,works well with the anti ageing ingredient retinol or vitamin A. Layering products is not an issue so you can follow it up with a good night cream. Studies show that vitamin c stays on our skin for a good 72 hours even after we apply it.

What Are The Benefits Of Vitamin C Serum?

  • It stimulates Collagen production
  • Provides sun damage
  • Reduces skin discolouration
  • speeds the healing rate
  • Brightens your Skin
  • Reduces your panda eyes 🙂 ie, Reduces Under eye dark circles
  • helps hydrate and moisturise dry skin
  • Prevents stretch marks
  • Prevents hardening of the skin
  • Soothes and heals redness and inflammation

Does Vitamin C serum Helps with Skin Pigmentation And Scars?

Yes absolutely. It helps fade brown spots, acne scars and brightens your complexion.

Can People With Acne Use Vitamin C Serum?

Yes, Vitamin C serum helps with the healing process and in fading whatever scars you have. Eventually your skin will be even toned and clear. Remember that vitamin c serum is not a cure to acne but using it along with medication helps you skin reduce damage.

What Is The Colour Of The DIY Vitamin C Serum?

That depends on the ingredients you add so remember that if the serum is dark yellow or brownish in colour, the serum has oxidised and hence should be thrown out. It is time to make a new batch.

The serum is photosensitive so you have to store it in a dark amber coloured bottle in the refrigerator. It stays for around two weeks after which it should be discarded because it usually deteriorates completely into a yellow to brownish colour. Do not use it if the colour changes.

The PH level of the serum also tends to change after a week. So it is advisable that you prepare a new batch.

Vitamin C Concentration Required To Work

Vitamin c serum needs to be at least 10% concentrated for it to work and the maximum absorption happens at 20% strength.

You have to start slow from 5% if you have sensitive skin or 10% for normal skin types. Slowly increase the concentration till you reach 20%. It needs to be that strong for it to work. So once you reach 20% continue with it. This serum doesn’t cost much compared to its other market counterparts.

Remember 0.2 teaspoon = 1 gram, So you you can make many batches using 50 gram of Vitamin C powder. 🙂

How to Make Vitamin C Serum At Home?

With the right ingredients it is easy to make Vitamin C Serum at home. Make sure all the products are of good quality and from known brands. Lets take a look at the recipe now.

Recipe for 10% strength Vitamin c serum:

Distilled water- 4 teaspoon
Aloevera gel- 1/4 teaspoon
Glycerin- 1/4 teaspoon
L-ascorbic acid powder- 1/2 teaspoon

I Use this BOS Vitamin C Powder Which I Have Already Reviewed Here. I have shown how i make it too. Check it out if you are interested. 🙂

After adding vitamin c powder to distilled water keep stirring until it becomes a clear liquid before adding other ingredients. You can also use the equation two tablespoon of distilled water, two table spoon of vegetable glycerin and half teaspoon of vitamin c powder.

  • You can also add vitamin E oil like a capsule of Evion 200/400 to it which i do but i think oily skinned beauties better avoid it. This is completely optional.

Vitamin c helps in lightening skin tone, reduces sun damage and prevents it when combined with sunscreen. This DIY serum has soothing aloe in it and glycerin for moisturization.

  • If you have allergy towards raw aloe vera gel, you can skip it. It’s totally up to you.  you can adjust the recipe accordingly. The serum suits all skin types.

Leave the serum on the skin for about  a minute or two before following with your night cream. Let it get absorbed in to the skin.

diy vitamin c serum

Where to buy and what to use:

Both of the below brand products are imported from the US.

  • Makingcosmetics Vitamin C Powder 1.8Oz / 50G Buy Now
  • BoS Ultra Fine Cosmetic Grade Vitamin C Powder 60gm  Buy Now

I have yet to find a cost effective L- Ascorbic Powder 🙁

Where to buy Glycerine:

I started using vitamin c serum with the non flavoured Vitamin c tablets called celin but you cannot make it to a strength of 20% because of the fillers in it. It wouldn’t dissolve completely and appears chalky. 🙁 🙁 I used the 10% strength serum for a long time until I found reliable L- ascorbic acid powder. Something is better than nothing.

TIP: Please start at a serum strength of 5% to test your skin tolerance.

If you have any doubt regarding this please write to me in the comments below or mail me. I am happy to help you. Hope this article helps you in better skincare.

I have written a detailed article on vitamin c benefits, types and the Vitamin C Serum available in the market here.

Check it out guys.

Good day to all of you 🙂


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  1. I have used charco chemicals food grade l ascorbic acid powder.but my serum becomes chalky and white when it is applied at the face .I add rose water ,and aloe Vera gel and nothing else .would u able to tell me the reason why it looks chalky or powdery on my face .it kind of recrytalised on the skin

    • Try cosmetic grade L ascorbic acid instead.

      Make sure the vitamin c powder is 100% pure L-ascorbic acid. Other products( Food grade as well as tablets) may have fillers in them which does not dissolve completely, neither does it gets absorbed in to the skin resulting in a powdery finish.

      Once you have mixed vitamin c powder and water, shake the bottle until the serum turns clear. only then should you add the rest of the ingredients to it.

    • In order to prevent further skin darkening, use a good gel sunscreen. This is a MUST. Also, Use a good moisturiser that is suitable for oily acne prone skin like, Sebamed Clear Face Care Gel Ph5.5, Plum Green Tea Mattifying Moisturizer, L’Oreal Paris Hydrafresh Anti-Shine Icy Gel.

      Glycolic acid products like AHA glow face wash and vitamin C serum also help brighten the skin.

      Be patient. It may take anywhere between 30-45 days to start seeing visible results.

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