Deconstruct Vitamin C Serum Review | 10% Vitamin C + 0.5% Ferulic Acid

deconstruct vitamin c serum review

Deconstruct Vitamin C Serum Review – Always start with a low concentration of vitamin C like 5% until your skin gets used to it. You can even go for a 20% potent vitamin C serum if your skin tolerates it.

You can apply a 5% and 10% serum twice a day BUT, if you are using a 20% vitamin C serum, it is recommended to use it only once a day to prevent skin irritations.

📌 Ferulic acid is an antioxidant which also helps boost the efficiency of the other antioxidants. Not only does it provide antiaging benefits, it also helps brighten the skin, soothe inflammation and reduce hyperpigmentation.

deconstruct vitamin c serum review


Using a vitamin C serum with hyaluronic acid or Niacinamide helps prevent and soothe skin irritations.

Try using a low concentration like, 5% vitamin C serum or even less.


As not to make you skin angry, Avoid using Benzoyl peroxide, retinols, AHA and BHA like glycolic acid, salicylic acid or any other acids with vitamin C as they cancel each other making it useless. This also increases the chances of skin irritations and ruining the skin barrier.


Apply the vitamin C serum to a cleansed face. Wait until it is completely absorbed and then follow up with a moisturiser or face oil.

It is always better to apply a vitamin C serum in the morning, it does work well with sunscreens by neutralising free radical damage and protects your skin.

Another point is, Try to use your vitamin C serum within 4-6 months as it could oxidise rendering the product useless which is a waste of money.

Store the serum in a cool dark place away from heat and sunlight. You can just leave it in the outer cardboard box packaging itself.

deconstruct vitamin c serum review


Antioxidant with antiaging benefits


Neutralises free radicals that causes ageing

Brightens skin

Fades acne scars and dark spots

Promotes collagen production

Smoothen lines and wrinkles

Speeds up wound healing and repair

Boosts the efficiency of the sunscreen


The peculiar combination of Vitamin C and Ferulic acid function well together towards limiting the expression of tyrosinase which will provide the brightening effect.

Vitamin C and ferulic acid contain anti-inflammatory properties which clears pigmentation and PIH and is also essential for collagen biosynthesis.

deconstruct vitamin c serum review


30ml – ₹799.00

Deconstruct Vitamin C Serum is  Available Here

Get it on the 25% sale for ₹599.00 or even less with coupons.

deconstruct vitamin c serum review


10 % Vitamin C (3-o-ethyl ascorbic acid) inhibits tyrosinase activity to provide a brightening effect.

0.5 % Ferulic acid is a potent antioxidant, which prevents sun damage by suppressing the production of free radicals.

Ferulic Acid Vitamin C Serum functions well together towards limiting the expression of tyrosinase which will provide the brightening effect.

Vitamin C ferulic acid contains anti-inflammatory properties which clear pigmentation and PIH and is also essential for collagen biosynthesis.


The deconstruct Vitamin C serum comes a amber coloured dropper bottle.


It is fragrance free. So it is suitable even for sensitive skin.


The Deconstruct vitamin C serum is pretty light weight and watery in consistency.


Pale yellow

Keep it in a cool dark place to prevent the serum from oxidising quickly.

📌 If the colour of the vitamin C serum changes to orangish-brown, you have to discard it since the serum has been oxidised.

deconstruct vitamin c serum review


Skin Type – Normal sensitive

I have used the brands Beginner’s exfoliating serum and Hyaluronic acid serum both of which i absolutely love. That is the reason i chose to buy Vitamin C from this brand again.

Coming to the Deconstruct Vitamin C Serum Review, The serum is really light weight, It spreads and gets absorbed easily. I did not get any breakouts, neither were there any redness, itching or any other allergic reaction that happens occasionally because of my sensitive skin.

The vitamin C serum does brighten my face and fade the acne scar on my forehead. It does not show fast results but when combined with an exfoliating serum, the results are satisfactory.

I have been using this in the morning followed by 2 drops of oil to prevent vitamin C staining. Finally i follow up with a broad spectrum sunscreen.

deconstruct vitamin c serum review

I do not have wrinkles so i cannot comment on its collagen boosting ability. But i guess it does work in delaying the signs of ageing. I just cannot see the results yet.

That is pretty much all about my Deconstruct vitamin C serum review  Now on to one of the puzzling problems that you could face. This happened to me when i first used my DIY vitamin C serum. I did some research on the subject and here is what i found.


Vitamin C does not really darken your skin BUT it can certainly leave a stain on your skin which makes you appear darker or orangish depending on your skin tone.

This vitamin C stain is because of its reaction with oxygen. This oxidisation process degrades the Vitamin C to a totally different chemical which works as a self tanner.

How to Stop Vitamin C Serum from Staining Your Skin?

After applying the vitamin C serum, Follow up with 2 drops of any facial oil that suits your skin. The oil creates a barrier which helps prevent oxidisation and staining.


Safe ingredients
Light weight consistency
Gets absorbed quickly
No irritation or breakouts on my sensitive skin
No vitamin C staining either
Fades acne scars and dark spots
Works well with sunscreen
Non oily finish
Fragrance free
Brightens skin
Lasts for about 3 months
Did not oxidise or spoil




Yes, absolutely. Go for it. Deconstruct brand itself sells their Vitamin C serum on most shopping websites so there is no need to worry about fraud duplicates.

Alright guys, Thanks for reading my Deconstruct vitamin C serum review guys. Was it helpful? I sure hope so.

Catch you guys next week. Have a good day!


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