Volo Nail Polish Review | 6 Matte Posh Shades Party Girl Range

volo nail polish review

Volo Nail Polish Review – Why did i buy this? The colours looked so pretty that i just had to buy it. I just trusted the product reviews and pics posted and went ahead to buy these nail paints even though i had never heard of these brands before.


The one i chose is the matte party girl range and the shades are as mentioned below. There are various colour combinations and textures available. So do check them out.

  • Light Wine, Sand Nude, Light Peach, Dark Green, Nude, Grey

volo nail polish shades

Volo nail paints are not only available in matte finish, they do offer a variety of choices like,

  • Glossy high shine combo
  • Glitter shine nail polish combo
  • Luxurious glossy finish combo
  • High shine long lasting combo
  • Shine pro one stroke coverage combo


No harmful chemicals used to speed up the dry process. Make your nails dry matte, unique and stand out from the crowd with Volo velvet matte Nail Paints.

Volo is one of the most popular & fasted growing cosmetics brand from India. With its incredible colours, unique names and high-quality nail lacquer, Volo reform the nail care industry.

With an ultra flat round brush and luxurious matte finish, volo shades will add instant glamour to any look. These are the beautiful matte nail polish range which has a velvet matte texture that glides easily occupies on nails. Its doesn’t feel patchy at all.


Pack of 6 shades – ₹393

volo matte nail polish review


Although i have never heard of this brand, i blindly went ahead with my purchase after seeing the beautiful colours in the product reviews. I instantly liked the colours as they were the ones i was searching for in the affordable price range.

The dull matte volo nail polish has 3 bright/dark colours and 3 nude shades which was a perfect choice for me.  As the name says they are obviously all matte.

The brush is of good quality and is thick and flexible enough that we can easily paint our nails. The nail polish consistency is also good. They are not watery or streaky like some of the Faces Canada nail or Elle nail paints.

Coming to the quality of the nail polish itself, Trust me they are so good. These cuties are not at all streaky and paints flawlessly. Single coat of a couple of these nail paints are slightly transparent but 2 coats gives a completely opaque and beautiful colour.


Volo matte nail polishes did last for about 6 days before it started chipping. This is with full on house work like cleaning, cooking and gardening. I do use gloves but still, you get a rough idea right? What i meant to say is that, these nail paints are really long lasting.

I haven’t used the other combo’s so i cannot comment on that but reviews look promising.


The company does not have any contact details or website. They do claim that these nail paints are non toxic but there is no way to confirm that. I can only hope them to be true.

Apart from that, i do not find any fault with this brand of nail paints. They are super affordable, wide shade selection range, easy to paint brush, non streaky, dries quickly and is really long lasting. What more could one ask for.


Toxic free
Easily available online
Good brush quality
Consistency is good
Easy to paint
Non streaky smooth finish
Dries quickly
dries to a beautiful matte finish
2 coats give opaque colour
Lasts for 6 days


Could not find more about the company as they do not have a website or contact details published anywhere. So i cannot confirm the genuineness behind the claims of the brand.

I can only wonder, Are they really non toxic?


Yes, absolutely. I loved the beautiful colours and quality of these nail paints.

That is all this week about the volo nail polish review. Next week i will be back with another post. Until than stay safe, stay happy.


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