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Brinton Acmist Moisturising Gel Review

AcMist Gel review

Brinton Acmist Moisturising Gel Review – Acmist moisturizing gel enriched with vitamin E, Squalane, Aloe vera for Acne prone/Oily skin and Sensitive skin.

Free from alcohol, silicone and parabens. πŸ™‚

Is It Suitable For All Skin Types?

AcMist is perfect for oily, acne prone, normal to combination skin.

  • Dry skin may not find it very moisturising as is the case with all water based moisturisers.
  • As it contains artificial fragrance, it may not be suitable for certain sensitive skin types.

if you are allergic to fragrance, your skin may feel itchy or tingly. In that case, stop using this or skip it altogether and go for a fragrance free moisturiser like Sebamed Moisturising Gel(Shop Now).

Always listen to your body.

Acmist gel moisturiser review


The cost for 50ML of product is 399/-

I got this on 20% off for 302/-.or somewhere around that.

It is easily available online and in medical stores. You can get this gel on 15-20% off deals.

AcMist Moisturising Gel –Β  SHOP NOW

Acmist gel moisturiser ingredients


Acmist Moisturising Gel is a combinations of various ingredients working together to help treat any present pimples and also prevent any further breakouts.


Vitamin E is an antioxidant that not only helps moisturise but also has anti-ageing benefits. It does work by nourishing the skin and reducing UV ray damage thereby delaying the signs of ageing.

The soothing and healing properties of Vitamin E does help strengthen the skin barrier.


Squalane is anti-inflammatory and non comedogenic and helps moisturise and soothe the skin.

It does help soothe skin conditions like Eczema, Psoriasis and also related redness, itching and swelling.

Consistent use can even fade acne scars, fine lines and improve skin texture.


Bisabolol is an antioxidant that efficiently calms inflammation and its antimicrobial properties helps prevent skin infections.

Being a wonderful moisturiser, it keeps our skin hydrated and nourished.

It also provides anti-ageing benefits and promotes cell repair.

In short, Bisabolol is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and effectively lightens skin tone.

brinton acmist review


Brinton Acmist gel does contain artificial fragrance.

The scent is very mild and pleasant. It does not linger or cause headaches.


AcMist gel comes in a tube packaging but unlike Brinton’s UV DOUX Sunscreen nozzle mouth, this gel has an opening like this.

Brinton AcMist Moisturising gel


As the name suggests, it is a gel type light weight moisturiser. The Brinton Acmist gel moisturiser is white in colour.

The consistency is gel like and hence goes on smooth on application.

It gets absorbed quickly without leaving any oil residue behind.


This gel does hydrate my skin properly and the effects last all throughout the day on my normal skin.

It does not make me sweat profusely or make my skin dull. This always happens when i apply lotion based moisturisers.

The emollients never gets absorbed and simply sits on top of the skin which gives an uncomfortable heavy feel and an oily look.😩

Acmist wins in that regard as it gets absorbed fully without leaving the skin oily or greasy or sticky. The finish is certainly matte in rainy/winter season.

Also, This does leave my skin soft and supple too.

Brinton AcMist gel review


Skin Type – Normal Sensitive

Although i have normal skin, i love this moisturiser. It has the perfect texture and finish that everyone would absolutely love.

AcMist gel moisturiser hydrates my skin thoroughly and leaves the skin soft to touch.

It also helped lighten sun tan πŸ‘πŸ‘ and maybe it may also lighten acne scars to an extent. Although i cannot really comment on that.

I use it along with my Brinton UV Doux Sunscreen Gel SPF 50+++(Review Here) and it is working pretty well.

My skin remains matte all day long without feeling stretchy or greasy.

AcMist Moisturising Gel –Β  BUY NOW


Hygienic tube packaging

Light weight moisturiser

Water based moisturiser

Gets absorbed quickly

Matte finish with no tight feel

Does not make my skin oily or greasy

Artificial fragrance did not irritate my sensitive skin

Does not clog pores

No harmful chemicals

Lasts throughout the day

Keeps pimples at bay

Does not cause breakouts or irritation

Leaves skin soft and supple

Lightens acne scars and sun tan πŸ™‚


Contains artificial fragrance.

Will I Recommend Brinton Acmist Gel Moisturiser?

Yes, Go for it if you have normal-oily-acne prone skin.

Just one thing – I have yet to try this in the hot summer season and hence, i am not really sure if acmist gel would have a different finish or whether it would come off with sweat which would obviously be terrible.

I will update these details next summer.



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