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Banana Hair Mask For Dandruff | Banana Hair Spa At Home

Banana Hair Mask For Dandruff Recipe – We should entertain the thought that natural hair masks can get rid of dandruff and itching completely. They helps treat and prevent dandruff and other infections while also nourishing the scalp..

Banana spa at home recipes are easy to prepare and super cheap too.

Apply and wait for 30-45 minutes before rinsing the hair mask. 

Use once a week until you get the desired results.

When you apply these hair masks, the scalp may tingle or itch. Do not be distressed. The itching will go away after some time. I am not sure whether it may happen to everyone or is it just me. However, when i use hair masks along with ACV rinse, the itching stopped completely in a single use.

I will tell you all the benefits of using each mask as i go through them. You can choose whichever suits your need the best.


For my Tips for best results, FAQ And Photo Instructions, Please scroll down.

Tips For Best Results

1.For faster results, after rinsing the hair mask follow up with 3 minute Apple cider vinegar rinse. Trust me, It really worked wonders for me.

2. Mash the banana with the help of a cloth and use the filtered pulp only. Or blend the banana in a blender and filter it before using. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP.

This makes sure that, There will not be any banana chunks stuck in your hair. You can easily rinse off the hair mask  and save water too.

banana hair mask filtered

3. Always use ripe banana’s with brown spots while making a face mask or hair mask.

ripe banana

Dandruff Won’t Go Away?

Many times you might be left confused as to why hair masks do not work on your dandruff problem as you might want to.

There are several types of dandruff like, dry skin dandruff, oily skin dandruff, fungal dandruff and the like.

Despite your best intentions, You could be using the wrong hair mask ingredients to combat a certain type of dandruff. It makes perfect sense. Doesn’t it?

You have to determine what type of dandruff  you have. Then, choose the suitable ingredients for your hair mask.

Is Banana mask Good For Hair?

The antioxidants like Catechin present in banana’s help prevent cell damage and thereby delays the signs of ageing like, premature greying, hair thinning, dry and brittle hair.

Catechin also is antimicrobial and hence, has the capability to fight and prevent infections.

The phyto-nutrients and antioxidants present in banana not only nourishes and moisturises, they also help build up a stronger defence mechanism against dandruff and other scalp infections.

Can Bananas Help Hair Growth?

The Vitamin B-6 in banana helps promote hair growth. It also helps improve blood circulation and thus, more nutrients and oxygen reach the scalp.

Seborrheic dermatitis symptoms like itchy and flaky skin can be reduced by using vitamin B-6.

Vitamin B-6 makes the hair stronger and thicker over time. It does prevent and treat hair loss and aloepicia in women.

Vitamin C boosts collagen, a protein that fights and neutralises free radicals from causing cell/DNA damage. Free radicals if not neutralised greatly accelerates the ageing process.

How Do Bananas Make Your Hair Silky?

To appear silky, the hair cuticles must be closed from the roots to the ends. This makes the light to reflect of them and make it look lustrous and healthy.

Using a banana hair mask does help repair damaged hair and nourish the scalp. With consistent use, banana hair mask promotes hair growth and leaves behind a stronger and thicker hair.

Rinsing the hair with Apple cider vinegar after washing off the hair mask does help close the cuticles of the hair and make it soft and shiny.

Can I Leave Banana In My Hair Overnight?

Yes, you may leave certain banana hair masks overnight. The best choices would be

1.Banana, Raw honey and Aloe Vera hair mask

2. Banana and Coconut oil/Olive oil hair mask

3. Banana and Honey hair mask

4. Banana and coconut milk

Never Use Egg And Banana Hair Mask Overnight.

It is a bad idea to use this hair mask longer than an hour.

How Do You Get A Banana Out Of Your Hair?

Follow my steps to make this banana hair mask, and you should not face any trouble getting the banana out of your hair. But, in case you messed up, Here is what you need to do.

Rinse the banana hair mask off.

Now apply your hair conditioner

Leave for 3 minutes

After 3 minutes, Comb with a fine tooth comb (Desperate Measure)

Apply shampoo to your hair.

Rinse off with water.

Pour apple cider vinegar and rinse with water after 2-3 minutes.

How Do You Make A Banana Hair Mask?

You can blend all the ingredients together first. Then filter the hair mask to avoid tiny pieces and chunk getting stuck in your hair.

Always filter the blended or mashed banana so that it will be easier to wash the hair mask later.

If you do not have a blender, add the sliced banana pieces to a cloth. Squeeze the cloth to mash the banana. The chunks and other residue will be left behind in the cloth. (As shown in the video). 

The below are the banana hair masks for dandruff.

1. Banana And Coconut Oil Hair Mask | Overnight Hair mask

While applying this hair mask, focus mainly on the scalp (roots) and tips of the hair.

Banana – 1-2
Coconut oil – 1 tablespoon
Ground black pepper – 1 teaspoon

banana hair mask

Black Pepper For Dandruff

The antioxidants like vitamin A and vitamin C encourage collagen production and hair growth.

The core idea behind using pepper as a hair mask is simple, Pepper does stimulate blood flow to the scalp which in simple words means more nutrients to the scalp. This does nourish the hair follicles and increase hair growth

Black pepper also works to detox the scalp.

banana hair mask for dandruff

Black pepper can be simply mixed with oil and applied to the scalp. This also helps address the dandruff problem effectively.

In short, Black pepper makes your hair stronger and thicker while also maintaining a healthy scalp.

Also, this banana hair mask for dandruff would work without black pepper.

2. Banana And Curd Hair Mask

Banana – 1 or 2
Curd – 3 Tablespoon
Lemon Juice – one small lemon

banana hair mask for dandruff

This is perhaps the simplest banana hair mask of them all. It is also the absolutely best banana hair mask for dandruff especially for those who do not have time on their hands.

We have consciously added Yogurt and Lemon juice to combat dandruff problem without drying out the scalp.

This wonderful combination helps soothe itching and curd being anti bacterial protects the scalp from infections.

Banana, yogurt and lemon hair mask fights scalp problems and hydrates the hair and scalp thoroughly.

banana hair mask for dandruff

As i mentioned earlier, following up with an ACV rinse can boost the overall results.

3. Banana And Egg Hair Mask

Banana – 1-2
Egg White – 1
Tea Tree Oil – 5 drops

Another banana hair mask for dandruff problem. Do not leave this mask for longer than 30 minutes

banana and egg hair mask

Do not apply tea tree oil directly on to your scalp. It is too potent and hence, may cause skin irritation.

Tea tree oil is anti fungal and is helpful in treating dandruff caused by the fungus, Malassezia.

Believe it or not, The fungus Malassezia can be found in everyone’s scalp.

Egg white is full of protein and it does repair the hair and leaving it stronger and smoother. they helps cleanse the scalp and promote blood circulation.

banana hair mask for dandruff

These 3 banana hair masks works well in treating and preventing scalp problems. Use these hair masks for healthy scalp and soft, shiny hair.

Adjust the recipe according to the length of your hair.

This is a natural hair mask so be consistent to see visible results.

Try this hair mask and share your experience in the comments below.

If you are interested, check out The Egg & Coconut oil Hair Mask and Egg and Fenugreek Seed Hair Mask that i posted earlier.


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