The Formularx Barrier Relief Moisturizer Review

formula rx barrier relief moisturizer review

Finding a lightweight gel moisturizer with ceramides can be tricky. I have sensitive skin, and finding a moisturizer that does not cause irritation or redness is a challenge. Before using the Formularx moisturizer, I was using Physiogel calming relief lotion. I decided to try this one because of its great reviews and fragrance free formula, which suits my sensitive skin. The fact that it does not contain irritating ingredients was another big plus for me.

If your main focus is hydration or if you are sensitive to niacinamide, I suggest looking into their peptide moisturizer instead. It has a slightly creamier texture compared to the gel version. This moisturizer has peptides that can boost collagen and elastin production. It is designed for dry to very dry skin types.

Patch test is recommended by the brand.


With its oil-free formula, the Formularx Barrier Relief Moisturizer effortlessly absorbs into the skin, instantly revitalizing and replenishing it. Say goodbye to heavy, greasy creams and hello to a moisturizer that keeps your skin feeling nourished and comfortable throughout the day.

Formulated with ceramide complex, cholesterol, free fatty acids, niacinamide, colloidal oatmeal, and hyaluronic acid, the formularx moisturizer is a powerhouse of skincare goodness. It not only hydrates your skin but also helps restore its natural barrier, leaving it healthier and more resilient.

formula rx barrier relief moisturizer review


To maintain the quality of the formulation, this product is packaged in an airtight aluminium tube, which is also eco-friendly.


The Formula RX Barrier Relief Moisturizer is available at a price of 699rs for a 50g jar. There is currently a sale going on, and with a coupon, you can purchase it for the discounted price of 471rs.

50g – 699rs | Sale – 471rs with coupon


Formula Rx has a beautiful lightweight gel cream texture that ensures quick absorption without leaving any sticky or greasy residue.


Before the first use, give the tube a gentle tap to release any pressure and prevent any product from oozing out. Make sure to keep the tube upright and loosen the cap slightly to release any built-up pressure inside. Apply the product to clean skin, both in the morning and evening.

Ingredient analysis credit

formula rx barrier relief moisturiser ingredients


Skin Type – Normal sensitive

I use this moisturizer twice a day, and a small amount covers my face and neck. I am currently dealing with dryness, and mild redness due to retinol use, so in the morning, I follow up with Cetaphil moisturizing lotion, and in the evening, I use Bioderma Atoderm Baume for extra healing and nourishment. This moisturizer is especially helpful for people who use active ingredients like AHA/BHA chemical peels, exfoliants, or retinol. It is highly effective in soothing and strengthening the skin’s protective barrier, especially for barrier repair.

The Formula Rx moisturizer, true to its name, offers a lightweight experience despite its creamy formula. Its texture is a blend of gel and lotion that quickly absorbs into the skin. I’ve even used it under sunscreen, and happily, there was no pilling or product clumping.

formula rx barrier relief moisturizer review

This moisturizer is perfect for normal sensitive skin. It offers ample hydration without any greasy residue. The gel goes on smoothly, absorbs quickly, and gives a lovely dewy finish. Plus, it doesn’t cause breakouts or skin irritations.

I really like that this product is fragrance free and gentle. I have highly sensitive skin, and finding a moisturizer that does not cause irritation or redness can be tough. This moisturizer meets all my needs. I have noticed that my skin feels noticeably softer, and overall healthier. So far, my experience with this moisturizer has been nothing short of wonderful.

If you are like me and have struggled to find a lightweight gel moisturizer that incorporates ceramides while also soothing irritated skin, the Formula Rx moisturizer is definitely worth considering.


This product contains silicones, which can be problematic for some people as they may clog pores and are not suitable for those with fungal acne-prone skin. So, if you are looking for a fungal acne-safe option, you should consider alternatives without silicones. Also, keep in mind that the price, especially when not on sale, might be a bit higher compared to other options on the market.

formula rx barrier relief moisturizer review


Extremely light weight
Nourishing ingredients
Fragrance free
Does not irritate my sensitive skin
Hydrates my skin
Dewy finish
Soothes irritated skin
Best with AHA/BHA, retinol products


Pricey if not on sale.
Contains silicones and is not fungal acne safe
If you are sensitive to niacinamide then this product is not for you. (Not really a con, more like a warning)

RATING: 4.5/5







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