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L.A Girl Gel Glide Eyeliner Pencils Review and Swatches

This is an honest review on the LA Girl Gel Glide Eyeliner Pencil which comes in a variety of colours. To be exact, 19 colours. It has been lying around for long but i kept delaying the review for various reasons. So does it fulfil all of its claims? Let us see

L.A Girl Gel Glide Eye Liner Pencils, Buy Now

Product Details

Makeup wearers no longer have to choose between the ease of application in an eye pencil and the smooth feel of liquid eyeliner. The new Glide liner has the soft and gliding feel of liquid that comes in a pencil that can be sharpened. Available in 19 highly pigmented colors that you’re sure to love.

Eyes are the deepest pools that take one down the route of soul’s darkest secrets. Accentuate your eye makeup with shades that have pigments dancing to create gorgeous hues. L.A. Girl Glide Gel Liner :

  • Comes in a set of 19 eyeliners with a plethora of shades to choose from.
  • Has the texture of liquid liner in the ease of pencil form.
  • Soft and gliding-smooth in texture with intense pigmentation.
  • Cruelty-free product, that is also paraben and fragrance free.

L.A Girl Gel Glide Eyeliner Pencils Review and Swatches



I bought it on offer though.


Creamy and soft

My Experience

It has been a long time since i bought these LA girl glide gel eye liner pencils. They come as a wooden pencil and not the twister type. This causes lot of product wastage and even leads to breaking.

Shade Very Black

The Very Black eye liner pencil has a jet black colour. That is the only good thing about it. The eye liner pencil is chunky and not smooth at all when drawing. The tip also tends break off easily at the slightest pressure. It is not water proof either is it water proof. 🙁 It makes my eye sting and watery. In short, this is a useless product and i wasted my money.

L.A Girl Gel Glide black Eyeliner Pencil

Shade Gypsy Teal

The LA Girl gel glide Eyeliner Pencilin teal shade is such a pretty colour. It has glitter in them and hence has a pearl finish. It is suitable for both day and night use. The formula is not chunky. This eye liner pencil is much easier to use as it glides effortlessly and the tip does not break easily. The colour pay off is great too. It is certainly smudge proof and water proof which i wasn’t expecting. Overall, This LA girl eye liner pencil was a steal.

If you are of dusky skin tone, this colour may not flatter you. It just appears black on darker skin tones unless you zoom in to look carefully.

L.A Girl Gel Glide Eye Liner Pencil Gypsy Teal, Buy Now

L.A Girl Gel Glide Eyeliner Pencil gypsy teal

Shade Limelight

The green eye liner pencil is similar to the blue eyeliner pencil. It has glitter fleck in it and gives a pearl finish. The pigmentation is amazing. This LA Girl gel glide Eyeliner Pencil is smudge proof and water proof. The colour pay off is really good and the tip hasn’t broken off even once. It does not wear off for a good 6 hours

L.A Girl Gel Glide Eye Liner Pencil Limelight, Buy Now

L.A Girl Gel Glide Eyeliner Pencil limelight

The eyeliners have a thick tip and i was not able to get a pointed tip no matter how much i sharpen. I even have a doubt whether it is a genuine product. But on the internet i have come across people with similar reviews.

  • Pigmentation: 10/10 🙂
  • Long Lasting 10/10
  • Smudge proof and water  proof 10/10
  • Colour variety 10/10

L.A Girl Gel Glide Eyeliner Pencil Swatches

Water Proof Test

Black colour is neither smudge proof nor is it water proof. Or, i might have been given a fake product.

L.A Girl Gel Glide Eyeliner Pencil Review


  • Highly pigmented
  • Good colour pay off
  • Available in 19 colours
  • Smudge proof except for black
  • Water proof except for black
  • Long wear for 5-6 hours
  • Works on oily eyelids too
  • Can be used as an eye shadow
  • Glides easily
  • Can be smudged for a smoky look
  • Does not dry out or turn patchy
  • Reasonably priced
  • No animal testing
  • Paraben free

Cons Of LA Girl gel glide Eyeliner Pencil

  • Not suitable for my waterline as my eye becomes watery .
  • Pearly shades with glitter may not suit everybody
  • Sharpening causes product wastage
  • Few colours tend to smudge
  • Black colour is chalky and uncomfortable on the eyes

Will I Recommend This?

Yes, Absolutely. There are a bunch of pretty shades for every skin tone.

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