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How To Get Rid Of A Stye (Eye Pimple) – 3 Home Remedies

A pimple or boil on the eye area is called a stye. These pimples could be either outside or inside of the eye. These home remedies to get rid of a stye are based on my experiences with them and what worked for me.

It even hurts when i blink my eye. Having a pimple on your eye no matter where it is, the eyelid, waterline or inside the eye is really painful. It really hurts like hell. Most of the time people around me get an eye pimple when the body heat increases or in hot summers.

All these years, Following a proper lifestyle based on season changes, yoga and Ayurveda has probably helped me and my family from most seasonal ailments. I lived with my grandparents for the most part of my childhood and teenage years so they did make me follow a strict diet and healthy lifestyle. Anyways this time i messed up.

What Causes A Stye?

The eye pimples are similar to the skin pimples. The oil glands gets clogged which causes infection leading to a pimple.

Remember, A change in your prescription power lenses may also cause a stye.


There could be mild redness, soreness, and pain. I did have pain and a feeling that something was in my eye. That could be due to the boil being on my waterline. 🙁 This makes me want to rub my eyes.

Some people may have crust (yellow) formed in their eyes. I did have similar symptoms when i woke up the day i got stye.

Eyes may keep watering too.

syte home remedies

The above picture is taken on day 2.  The pus filled head is already gone. The redness and swelling also reduced considerably. Sorry, i forgot to take photo before trying the home remedies. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting any results from these home treatments.

Things To Remember

Never try to squeeze or pop an eye pimple.

Wash your eyes with clean water (boiled or filtered)

Cleanse your hands thoroughly before touching anywhere near the area.

Skip eye makeup and contact lenses.

Remove the crust(yellow) as it may be uncomfortable and also may interfere with your vision. This may also lead to rubbing your eyes so clean it immediately.

3 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Stye That Works

Repeat this at least twice a day to cure eye pimples, boils, bumps in just two days.

Place A Tea Bag On your pimple

Tea bag for stye

It certainly helped me with the pain in the first use itself. I felt bit better after using this.

You can try using a simple hot compress too. Make use of a simple wash cloth or any clean fabric.

Tea bag helps soothe any irritations. If it is black tea, it may also help reduce swelling on the area. I used green tea bags and that worked well too.

The caffeine and Tannin’s(Antioxidant) help relieve the symptoms like redness, swelling, and puffiness.

You  can dip it in warm water and place it on the area for about 10 minutes. You may repeat it for about 4 times a day. I only did it twice a day though.

Warm compress can be applied to pimples inside the eye too.

It certainly helps with the pain. But i do not know how the below remedies would benefit a stye inside the eye. Personally i have never tried it before on anybody close to me.

green tea bag for stye

I will update this part in the future if i ever come across any positive experiences on a pimple inside the eye. Most people i know consult a doctor and start taking antibiotics right away.

Clay Paste

Clay for eye pimple

This is grandmother’s age old recipe to reduce swelling and drain the fluids.

It seems my husband’s baby sitting granny used to apply this remedy for him. He is the who told me about this. Because of the pain, i was willing to try anything. I am glad i did though. 🙂

namakatti stick

I used the stick types that people use in temples and generally applied to the temple area.

You can use betonite clay or french green clay too as they both have strong absorption properties and healing properties. Calcium betonite clay also has healing benefits.

Clay helps pull out excess oil, dirt, toxins and other impurities. In case of a stye, it really helps with the swelling and redness.

clay for eye pimple

You can mix it with sandalwood powder too. But that is just optional.

If you have a grinding stone, you may apply little bit of water to it and grind the clay stick.

I actually scrapped the clay stick with the help of a knife.

Add water to it to make a thick paste.

Now apply it to the area like below pic.

clay for stye

Leave it on until it dries. Repeat twice a day.

His grandmother prefers to keep it overnight but i accidentally rubbed it and it went inside my eye.

So i had to wash it off immediately. Since then i have not tried the overnight treatment.

Neem Paste

Neem leaves

Crush or blend neem leaves. Apply this paste to your eye area.

You may add a pinch of turmeric to it. I did add it on the first day but as the symptoms subsided, i became lazy. 🙂

Repeat twice a day for faster results.

Why did i use neem paste?

Neem paste for eye pimple

After i applied warm tea bag compress, clay paste on the first day the pain and irritation were completely gone. Now it turned to itching.

I struggled to keep my hands off the eye area. That is when i thought of using neem paste and guess what? It works. 🙂

neem for stye

My stye was completely cured in three days although most of the pain and irritation subsided on the first day itself.

eye stye home remedy


Warm compress helps with the pain. It also speeds up the formation of the pus filled pimple head.

Clay Paste helps with the swelling. It drains the fluids and promotes healing.

Neem paste is antibacterial, anti fungal and anti inflammatory. It helps treat and soothe skin infections.



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