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Cosiq Serum Sunscreen Review | SPF 50 PA++++

cosiq sunscreen review

Cosiq Serum Sunscreen Review | SPF 50 PA++++ – One of the most recent and raved about additions to the sunscreen market. The brand Cosiq is relatively new and i couldn’t even find any Vitro/Vivo lab test reports on their website so i will personally test it on my hand and post my results later.

Do Not Skip🤔 – I am not sure why But the Cosiq Highly Recommends A Patch Test Before Use. Also reapplication is advised only every 6 hours which i find highly suspicious.

Without further adieu, let me get in to the Cosiq serum sunscreen review.

cosiq sunscreen review


A double encapsulated, hybrid formula with both chemical and physical filters that protect you against the full spectrum of UVA UVB and IR rays while being invisible on the skin.

Three organic actives inside a shell – stays in the upper layers of skin providing continued protection, super spread ability and zero harm or irritation associated with chemical sunscreens. Dermatologically Tested.

  • Zero White Cast
  • Non-Comedogenic Formula
  • Full Spectrum UVA UVB & IR Protection
  • SPF 30, PA++++ Rating
  • Double Encapsulated Filters
  • Non-Penetrating Actives
  • Non-Irritating and Make-up Safe

cosiq sunscreen ingredients

Ingredient analysis credit

cosiq sunscreen ingredients


Airless pump bottle packaging. The pump system is smooth and is working without any problems so far.


699/- for 30ml product.😭 I got this on sale (plus the coupons) for 399 bucks.


Cosiq sunscreen has a serum like runny consistency.


The sunscreen is white in colour and has no particular scent.


Skin Type – Normal Sensitive
Application – I used 2-3 finger amount for indoor/out door respectively.

CosIQ sunscreen has been on my wish list for so long but the price seemed to be high when compared to its counterparts like the Minimalist(Review Here), and Qurez(Review Here).

As i already mentioned earlier, Cosiq sunscreen has a light serum like consistency. You can barely feel it on the skin. It spreads effortlessly and blends like a dream. There is absolutely zero white cast.

cosiq sunscreen spf 50 review

It gives a matte to dewy finish depending on your skin type. In my case, the sunscreen sets to a non greasy dewy finish. It does feel really similar to Loreal Essence Sunscreen.

This sunscreen did not irritate my skin despite having allergens. I did not experience any breakouts either. Benzyl Alcohol is an allergen so it is highly recommended to do a patch test before use. Sometimes Oxinoxate(OMC) also end up irritating extremely sensitive skin so it is better to be safe than sorry.

What works on my skin may not work for you and vice versa.


I got tanned while wearing this sunscreen. That’s pretty much it. I am so sad, My skin is 2 shade darker and my hubby just had to point that out.😭😭😭

Like seriously now, It is supposed to be spf 50 PA++++,WTH? This costly product had one job and it messed it up. Did anyone else have the same experience as mine?


  • UV Filter not correctly formulated
  • Ingredients stressed out my skin thus causing skin darkening.

cosiq sunscreen review


Safe Ingredient List
Fragrance free
Sweat & water resistant
Light weight texture
Runny consistency
Spreads easily
Non oily and non sticky
Does not sting my eyes
Does not pill/ball up
Hydrates the skin
Zero white cast
Dewy finish
No breakouts or irritations caused
Easy to reapply
Can be layered with makeup


My skin got tanned😥
Not OMC free
Contains allergens (Benzyl alcohol)
Not fungal acne safe (Polysorbate-20)
Price is high when compared to the quantity.
Available only in 30ml size
No lab test reports published on their website/No proof provided


No, It is costly and does not do its job properly that is, sun protection.

That was the end of my Cosiq serum sunscreen review. Have you used this sunscreen? Let me know in the comments section below.



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