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Chemical Free Mineral Sunscreen: Z-Block Sunscreen Review

Z-Block sunscreen is a broad spectrum chemical free mineral sunscreen that is non comedogenic and 100% preservative free too. I bought my Z-Block Sunscreen here.

I have also reviewed Aveeno Mineral Sunscreen Spf 50 Here. You may read it if you are interested.

What are Physical Sunscreens?

Physical sunscreens make use of active minerals such as zinc oxides or titanium oxides rather than chemicals. They don’t get absorbed into the skin unlike chemicals sunscreen.

Why Should We Choose a Mineral/Physical Sunscreen?

  • Mineral sunscreens offer immediately protection. No need to wait for 20 minutes before going out.
  • They offer a broader range of protection
  • Mineral Sunscreens deflect both UVA and UVB radiation while chemical sunscreen mainly focuses on one of these radiations.
  • They are free from chemicals and parabens
  • Physical blockers does not irritate your skin hence is suitable for sensitive skin types.
  • They do not cause environmental issues nor do they affect marine life.

Chemical sunscreen ingredient oxybenzone causes damages to the coral reefs in the ocean. Studies prove that the coral reefs are disappearing twice as fast as the rain forest. ๐Ÿ™ Chemical sunscreen ingredients have an effect on latent viruses in algae.

How Do Mineral Sunscreens Work?

Mineral Sunscreens work by deflecting and scattering the harmful uv rays of the sun. They sit on top of the skin and do not get absorbed into the skin like chemical Sunscreens.

Should We Go For Titanium Oxide or Zinc Oxide?

  • Always choose Zinc Oxide Sunscreens. They offer better protection than its counterpart.
  • Zinc oxide sunscreen deflects a wider bandwidth of uv radiation.
  • Zinc oxide calms skin inflammation in case of allergies or rashes.
  • It helps with healing damaged skin cells and burns.
  • Promotes collagen production
  • Prevents premature ageing
  • It can trap moisture so is particularly beneficial for dry skin.

Z-Block Sunscreen by Ethicare Remedies

Ethicare is the fastest growing pharmaceutical company with 100% focus in dermatology and cosmetology.

Z-Block Mineral Sunscreen
Z-Block Sunscreen

What is Z-Block?
Z-Block- the zinc oxide sunscreen with SPF 50 **** rating that provides broad spectrum protection against UVB and UVA rays.

How Z-Block is better?
It gives matt, silky, non sticky and velvety feel sunscreen experience and highly protects your skin from sun rays as it has SPF of 50****.

Z-Block Sunscreen

Product Details

Z-Block sunscreen is 100% free of chemical actives, so no irritation. ithas break through patented Index Match Technology to ensure non opaque, non whitening sunscreen experience.

Z-Block sunscreen contains Zinc oxide- The only ingredient classified by USFDA that provides broad spectrum coverage across the entire UVB & UVA range.

Z-Block contains Zinclear IM- The most transparent and effective zinc oxide in the world and also approved as organic cosmetic ingredient by Ecocert.


Zinc oxide 25%

Z-Block Sunscreen Back View
Z-Block Sunscreen Back Cover

How To Use This Sunscreen

Apply Z-Block broad spectrum sunscreen gel liberally and evenly on face and all exposed areas of the body 20-30 minutes before exposure to sun.

Reapply after prolonged swimming or excessive sweating. Massage Z-Block into the skin very gently until it vanishes. (Donโ€™t rub vigorously). Avoid Z-Block from entering the eyes or mouth. Discontinue the use, if at all skin irritation occurs.

Price Of z-block sunscreen: Here

Z-Block Sunscreen review

It has a pale yellow tinge to it but i am not able to capture it on camera. It does not darken your complexion or leave a white cast.

Z-Block Sunscreen

My Experience

Skin Type – Normal Sensitive

Take the recommended amount of sunscreen and using the five point method, apply on your cheeks, nose, forehead and chin. Don’t forget the neck area. Rather than massaging vigorously, I prefer to use the Koreans tap method to let the product set.

Z-Block sunscreen is off white in colour. It does not leave a white cast on your face.

No artificial fragrance has been added to it so, Does it smell heavenly? Definitely not. I do not like how it smells. But, the smell doesn’t stay long. By the time the product is absorbed the scent also fades away.

Note that this is not a matte finish product.

Z-Block Sunscreen

The finish of this sunscreen is definitely velvety as claimed by the company. It is different from the silky smooth texture that a face primer gives. So it is not due to silicons in them. I think it’s more like wax coating on an apple kind of finish. ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ I wonder how they got the velvety finish.

The sunscreen feels creamy and hence it hydrates your skin. Even though my skin is really sensitive right now, Z-Block sunscreen did not cause any irritation. I did not see any redness near my eyebrows either.

If I am allergic to certain ingredients, the area near by eyebrows usually become red. It did not cause tanning either so overall I am happy with my purchase.

Z-Block Mineral Sunscreen swatch
Z-Block Mineral Sunscreen Blended

Normally mineral sunscreens are beneficial to acne prone skin but in this case the company itself advises oily/acne prone skin types to go for their gel sunscreen. As i am not sure, i would not recommend this sunscreen for oily or acne prone skin.

I can not vouch for how it’s finish would be on really hot summer days. My place never gets that hot so i don’t sweat a lot.

Just like chemical sunscreens, Mineral Sunscreen also needs to be reapplied every four hours depending on your circumstances.


  • Chemical free and artificial fragrance free
  • Broad spectrum sunscreen protection against both UVB and UVA rays
  • No white cast
  • No excess sweating
  • Provides brightness and glow on my skin due to its velvety finish
  • Prevents tanning
  • Suits normal, combination and sensitive skin
  • No skin irritation or dullness
  • Waterand sweat resistant for 80 minutes
  • No animal testing
  • Paraben free


  • You may need to follow up with compact in hot climates.
  • Waxy finish
  • Full ingredients not disclosed
  • Not exactly light weight
  • The company does not recommend this sunscreen for oily, acne prone skin.
  • This is not a gel based sunscreen as mentioned on the cover.


Update On 19/08/2018 : I found another Dermatologist recommended Zinc Oxide Chemical Free Sunscreen that has vitamin E too, Here

I plan on buying this next. ๐Ÿ™‚ I would not suggest this sunblock to acne prone skin beauties because it has Isostearic acid as a binding ingredient.

Cosmetic range Sunscreens cause redness and itchiness so I never prefer them. In case I have to use chemical Sunscreens, I usually go for dermatologist recommended Sunscreens.

In case you missed, To read my sunscreen suggestion for every skin type post pleaseย Click Here

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