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Biotique Bio Mud Youthful Firming & Revitalising Face Pack Review

Today i am going to review Biotique Bio Mud Youthful Firming & Revitalising Face Pack. Let us start with the review right away. The Biotique Face Pack claims to firm your skin and seems to be a product for mature skin.

Biotique Bio Mud-Face Pack has mud as one of the great natural resources, a mixture of earth and water with mineral-rich properties that have been rejuvenating skin since time began. Its oil-controlling properties make it ideal for oily and acne prone skin.

  • Lifts and firms sagging skin
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Rejuvenates and nourishes tired skin
  • Provides radiant and flawless complexion

So how did it go for my sensitive skin? And I applied the face pack on my husband’s normal to oily skin too 🙂

Read On To Know How It Fared.


This firming and revitalizing mud pack is blended with magnesium, calcium and iodine mineral salts, and essential oils of basil, geranium, lavender and peppermint, to help lift, tighten and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

 Biotique Bio Mud Youthful Firming & Revitalising Face Pack


The ingredients of Biotique face pack are as follows,

Multani mitti (Fuller’s earth), Gem (Red ochre), Yasad bhasm (Yasad bhasm), Badam (Prunus amygdalus), Pudina (Mentha arvensis), Kikar gaund (Acacia arabica), Surajmukhi (Helianthus annus), Paste Base Q.S.


Apply a thick layer of Biotique Bio Mud Youthful Firming & Revitalising Face Pack on cleansed face and neck Avoid eye and mouth areas. Leave on for 15-20 minutes, Rinse-with water or a damp washcloth. Use daily or as needed.


Biotique Face Pack comes in a white tub with a green lid.


The colour of the Biotique Bio Mud Face pack is off-white just the same as Multani Mitti

 Biotique Bio Mud Youthful Firming & Revitalising Face Pack Review


199 for 75 gram


Strong herbal fragrance. I felt it was similar to Pudina/Peppermint but little bit stronger. 🙂


Now i am going to tell you how it went on my husband’s skin. He has normal to oily skin. He doesn’t have any wrinkles or fine lines neither do i so i cannot comment on that claim.

When you first apply the Biotique Bio Mud Face pack, You will feel a tingling or stinging kind of sensation. All the Biotique face packs have that effect. I am not too sure why. The same thing happened to my hubby’s skin too. But it went away after a few seconds.

After washing the face pack off, the skin felt clear, little bit brighter and moisturised. He did not complain about any dryness after getting the face pack off neither did he feel any stretching and pulling while he had the pack on. He refused to apply a moisturiser after the pack. So i guess it went well for him.

  • The Biotique Bio Mud Face pack is suitable for Oily and Acne prone skin as it absorbs oil and makes your skin clear and matte.
  • It also has a cooling effect which feels nice.

My Turn 🙂

My skin is normal sensitive

After i tested the product on my husband, I got all excited and applied it to my face. Guess what happened? It burns so badly. Okay, I have used other variants of Biotique face pack before and so i knew that there would be a tingling sensation. But this was so bad that tears started to well up in my eyes. 🙁

I immediately washed it off in two minutes. There is no way i was going to keep that on my face for twenty minutes. My skin turned red on the apples of my cheek and appeared to be bumpy like mosquitoes bites. 🙁

I applied Caladryl lotion to calm my skin. After few hours the redness subsided and my skin was calm. Thank Goodness.

It is good face pack just that, Biotique Bio Mud Youthful Firming & Revitalising Face Pack does not suit my sensitive skin..

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We do not have lines and wrinkles yet so i cannot vouch for its effects on those claims. My mom is also not with me right now so i couldn’t try it on her skin either.


  • Removes excess oil
  • Brightens the skin
  • Matte skin
  • Cooling sensation
  • Tightens skin
  • Nourishes dull skin
  • Suitable for mature skin
  • Shows better results on oily skin
  • Doesn’t cause dryness on mildly dry skin
  • Does not pull or stretch the skin
  • Availability
  • Smells ayurvedic


  • Does not suit sensitive skin
  • Tub packaging
  • Extra dry skin beauties may have to apply moisturiser to avoid tight stretchy skin

Will I recommend this?

Yes, Only to oily,  acne prone skin and mature skin though.

For other skin types, There are other Biotique variants available that would suit your skin better 🙂


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