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Beauty Of Joseon Sunscreen Review

Beauty Of Joseon Sunscreen Review

Beauty Of Joseon Sunscreen Review – Greetings! I trust that you are all in good health and spirits. Today, I return with a review of the highly anticipated sunscreen from the brand, Beauty of Joseon. Allow me to impart my insights on whether this vegan and cruelty-free sunscreen is truly worthy of your investment.

It is worth noting that the Beauty of Joseon sunscreen contains Niacinamide and fermented rice extract, which may not be suitable for those with fungal acne as it may either cause or exacerbate existing conditions. Also, I would advise that this sunscreen be utilized only if your skin tolerates Niacinamide well.

The formula of this sunscreen is particularly noteworthy for its inclusion of 30% rice extract and grain fermented extracts. These ingredients are replete with vitamins B, C, E, amino acids and minerals, making them ideal for moisturizing dry skin and providing soothing comfort to the visage.


  • Ethylhexyl Triazone
  • Diethylamino Hydroxybenzoyl Hexyl Benzoate(Uvinul A plus)
  • Diethylhexyl Butamido Triazone(Uvinul T 150)
  • Methylene Bis-benzotriazolyl Tetramethylbutylphenol(Tinisorb M)

All ingredients in the composition are EWG certified and safe to use. The product is dermatologically tested and recognized as safe for sensitive skin. SPF tests were completed in labs in both Korea and Spain.


Yes, It does. Although not certified, Beauty of Joseon sunscreen contains UV filters that are known to block blue light.

Beauty Of Joseon Sunscreen Review


Rice bran is rich in amino acids and minerals, helping to moisturize dry skin. It makes use of advanced UV filters approved by EWG so they are safe and do not disrupt the hormone system at all. Beauty of Joseon sunscreen does have Niacinamide, Ginseng and Green tea extracts in it which helps brighten, gently exfoliate and calm the skin.

Beauty Of Joseon Sunscreen Review

Ingredient analysis credit

beauty of joseon ingredients


50ML – 1550/- | Sale Price : 735-1020rs |


The consistency of this sunscreen is very thin and light weight, almost like a lotion.

Beauty Of Joseon Sunscreen Review

The finish is very dewy, give it 5-10 minutes and it settles down to more of a satin finish.

Beauty Of Joseon Sunscreen Review


Skin Type – Normal Sensitive

Relief Sun is an organic fragrance free sunscreen that is both lightweight and creamy in texture, providing a comfortable application to the skin. Regardless of the frequency or quantity of application, it does not leave a sticky residue and instead imparts a moist finish akin to that of a light moisturizing cream.

This sunscreen doesn’t leave any white cast on my skin, a common issue with many sunscreens. This product settles to a dewy finish, although slightly too dewy for my personal preference, can be easily taken care off by blotting my skin to achieve a more subtle, healthy glow finish.

The Beauty of Joseon sunscreen has proven to be a highly effective means of hydrating my skin, while remaining entirely free of any greasiness. For those with normal-oily skin, it may even serve as a suitable replacement for a traditional moisturiser. The ease with which it glides and blends into the skin is particularly noteworthy, and it has not caused any irritation to my eyes or resulted in pilling. Furthermore, it performs admirably when worn under makeup.

It is worth noting, however, that this sunscreen is not water or sweat resistant, making it best suited for daily indoor use, particularly during the winter season or in air-conditioned environments.


Upon application of this sunscreen, I have occasionally experienced a burning sensation in my nose and upper lip area, accompanied by a slight flush of the skin.😭 While this sensation does go away within a period of 5-10 minutes. This reaction is somewhat random, with some days showing no such discomfort. Despite my attempts to alter my skincare routine in an effort to determine the cause of this issue, I have been unable to pinpoint its origin.

Beauty Of Joseon Sunscreen Review

Beauty Of Joseon Sunscreen Review


Light weight and gentle
Moisturises the skin
Prevents sun burn and sun tan
Easy to spread and blend
Dewy finish
Zero white cast
Does not sting my eyes
No breakouts or skin irritations
Does not pill
Can be layered with makeup
Easy to reapply
Does not slip
Contains Rice extract 30% and Grain fermented extracts
Free from fragrance, essential oil and other controversial ingredients


Not water or sweat resistant (Not really a con though)
Random burning sensation on my sensitive skin

RATING – 5/5

That’s it for today guys, You have reached the end of my Beauty of Joseon sunscreen review. Thank you for reading.🥰  Hope you found what you were looking for.


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  1. I love this sunscreen. I am in Australia and our sun is strong. It’s great for my oily skin and I just hope it protects well. My skin loves it.

  2. Hey,
    I have been using this sunscreen since November of last year, and it has been nothing but a god send. However, since last week I have been experiencing a burning sensation as well, and it is driving me up the wall. I too have tried to alter my skincare routine accordingly, but no luck there. I did start the beauty of Joseon eye cream, so was wondering whether that’s the case. Also, summer has commenced here in Dubai, so I am wondering whether this could be a summer reaction.

    • Hi, I’m sorry to hear about your recent experience with the sunscreen. The Beauty of Joseon eye serum contains 2% retinal, which can cause mild skin irritations like redness and invisible peeling, particularly for those new to this ingredient. The effects may vary among individuals, and it’s important to incorporate soothing ingredients when using retinol products until your skin gets used to it. It’s possible that an ingredient in the Beauty of Joseon sunscreen is causing the irritation on your sensitized skin. To address this, taking a break from the eye serum and use gentle skincare products with soothing properties for now.

      For sensitive skin and beginners, use the eye cream after mixing a small amount with a moisturizing cream at first and increase the amount gradually in order for your skin to slowly adapt to retinal. Due to the nature of retinal, your skin may sting a bit. With consistent use, your skin will adapt over time. Furthermore, This eye cream is recommended for use only at night and do not use together with AHA/BHA products.

  3. It’s as if I wrote this sunscreen review myself! I too experience the random burning/stinging sensation especially around my nose.

    Thank you for a great review

    • You are welcome! It’s frustrating when a product doesn’t live up to expectations. Finding the right sunscreen can be quite a journey. Hopefully, you’ll find a sunscreen that suits your needs better.

  4. Hi! I’ve also experienced burning sensation on my cheeks after using beauty of Joseon sunscreen. I usually use the colourescience one which never caused such sensation. So I’m a bit skeptical upon using this stuff

    • It’s natural to feel hesitant about using a product that caused discomfort. If you’re skeptical, it might be a good idea to explore other sunscreen options that are more compatible with your skin. Your skin’s well-being matters most.

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