Qurez Mattifying Mineral Sunscreen Review

Qurez sunscreen review

Hello everyone, Are you in search of a Mineral Sunscreen that won’t leave an unflattering white cast, making you appear ghostly?. I’m here today to share such a sunscreen review with you. This review focuses on an Indian brand that offers both affordable and high-quality chemical and mineral sunscreens. I have previously reviewed their Tinted Qurez Sunscreen, which you can find in the link provided. One notable aspect of this brand is that they have published lab test results, providing assurance of the SPF values of their products. I hope this Qurez sunscreen review will be helpful to you.


Zinc Oxide (UVA + UVB filter) – 20%
Titanium Dioxide ( UVA + UVB filter) – 6%


We have formulated a 100% Zero-White Cast Mineral Sunscreen with sun protecting physical UV filters along with skin nourishing ingredients which will shield your skin from the skin damaging UVA+UVB rays. Our Mineral Sunscreen is PA+++ and has a sun protection factor of 30.

qurez mineral sunscreen review


Qurez mineral sunscreen comes in a simple and convenient tube packaging.


50g – 450rs | Sale – 292rs


The Qurez sunscreen has a light weight creamy consistency. It does not feel heavy on the skin or cause profuse sweating.

qurez mineral sunscreen review


Skin Type – Normal Sensitive

I tried the qurez chemical tinted sunscreen, but it didn’t meet my expectations for multiple reasons. However, I decided to give their mineral sunscreen a shot because it appeared to be a budget-friendly option and was on sale at Vanity Wagon.

The texture of this sunscreen is creamy, making it easy to spread. Although it takes a minute to fully absorb, it does provide moisture to my normal skin, allowing me to skip using a separate moisturizer. Once blended, the sunscreen leaves a dewy finish without any white cast, which is impressive considering it contains 20% zinc oxide and 6% titanium dioxide, making it a mineral sunscreen. It’s worth noting that this sunscreen is also photostable.

qurez mineral sunscreen review

Although the Qurez mineral sunscreen is claimed to be fragrance-free, I personally detected a scent resembling fevicol. Unfortunately, the scent lingers for a longer period of time, even when applied only on my neck. As someone sensitive to fragrances and prone to headaches, this is a drawback for me. However, this is the only con I have found with this product.

During the summer, I applied this sunscreen on my hands and ventured outdoors during peak hours. Surprisingly, my hands didn’t show any signs of sun tan. This is why I use this sunscreen as my body sunscreen, as many other Indian body sunscreen lotions contain controversial UV filters such as oxybenzone, OMC, or Benzophenone-3.

Additionally, the Qurez sunscreen is priced at 292rs on sale, making it incredibly affordable.

Despite the Qurez mineral sunscreen having a creamy texture, it surprisingly did not lead to breakouts or skin irritations, despite its peculiar scent. As someone allergic to fragrances, which usually triggers a tingling sensation on my skin, I assume the unusual scent is not a result of added artificial fragrance, which is a positive aspect.

Although this sunscreen is not waterproof or sweatproof, it does not melt off as white streaks or give you a ghostly appearance. It is suitable for indoor use, in air-conditioned environments, and during the winter season.


Budget friendly
Moisturises the skin
Dewy finish
Zero white cast
No breakouts or skin irritation
Prevents sun tan
Does not irritate my eyes


Lingering weird fragrance that take a while to fade away.
Not water proof or sweat proof(Not really a con since the brand never claimed to be either)



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