Peripera Ink Velvet Review | No.25 Cinnamon Nude

Peripera ink velvet

Greetings, lovely readers! I’m delighted to be here once again, this time to share my thoughts on a captivating lip product. Chances are, you’re no stranger to the buzz surrounding Peripera ink velvet lip tints – these gems from Korea have garnered a reputation as some of the finest lip tints available. With an array of options spanning across the spectrum from vibrant reds and pinks to alluring nudes, Peripera ensures that there’s a shade to complement every unique skin tone. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the heart of today’s discussion. In this review, I’ll be delving into various aspects of this lip tint, including its cost-effectiveness, color payoff, texture, and overall performance.


Peripera’s Ink Velvet lip tints enhance lip depth and definition with a velvety matte finish. Crafted for those seeking intensely pigmented hues, the formula includes hyaluronic acid and collagen. These components not only promote long-lasting, crack-free color but also provide lip care. With a simple application process and a variety of shades to choose from, it’s a must-have for makeup enthusiasts.

Peripera ink velvet


Gently apply a moderate amount to the center of your lips and softly blend outwards.


690rs for 4g product | I got this on sale for flat 50% off

Peripera ink velvet cinnamon nude


In my personal experience, I found the Peripera Ink Velvet lip tint in the shade “cinnamon nude” to be a stunning nude option that complements medium skin tones. When I applied it in a single swipe, I noticed that it managed to partially conceal hyperpigmentation. However, there was a slight discrepancy – while the shade appeared brown during my swatches, it actually made me appear somewhat washed out and leaned towards an orange-brown hue on my lips. Another aspect worth noting is that the Peripera lip tint didn’t prove to be entirely transfer-proof.

The color that appeared on my hand was noticeably different from how it looked on my lips, which might be due to the pigmentation of my lips.

Peripera ink velvet 25

The lip tint was equipped with a comfortable applicator, and its texture felt lightweight, soft, and creamy. It applied smoothly and dried quickly to a matte finish. Despite reading reviews that claimed this product wouldn’t dry out the lips, I did feel some dryness after wearing it for a couple of hours. Additionally, the Peripera lip tint had a gentle fruity scent.

Peripera ink velvet cinnamon nude

The lip tint’s staying power is quite satisfactory. It manages to hold up for about 4-5 hours, although a touch-up is necessary after eating. The range of available shades is quite extensive as well.

Peripera ink velvet nude 25

In summary, giving the Peripera tints a shot is certainly worth it. They are budget-friendly, especially when on sale, offer a diverse selection of shades, and deliver impressive color payoff. Undoubtedly, they rank among the top lip tints available in the market.


Good applicator
Light weight texture
Covers hyperpigmentation in single swipe
Matte finish
Creamy consistency
Decent shade selection
Fades easily


Not completely transfer proof
Felt bit drying on my lips

That’s all for today, everyone. I’ll be returning next week with another engaging article. I hope this piece has aided your decision on whether to purchase the Peripera ink velvet lip tint. If you have any questions or need assistance in the meantime, feel free to ask. Have a wonderful week!


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