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OBN Nail Polish Remover Wipes Review

Review of OBN Nail polish remover wipes that have been around for a while. I bought this from the street market while window shopping. It is pretty much easily available everywhere these days.

Product Details

OBN Nail Polish Remover Pads quickly and easily remove nail polish without the mess associated with bottles. These pre-moistened wipes are very easy to use and the gentle formula leaves nails fresh and soft. It does not dry out nail surface or skin.

The compact, portable case is perfectly sized to bring with you for on the-go use. Upon application, you will encounter a fresh and fruity fragrance that is not overpowering


40/- for 32 pieces

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OBN nail polish remover wipes


  • Pre-moistened nail polish remover wipes in 6 different fragrances
  • Protect and brightens nails, leaving behind a refreshing fruity fragrance
  • The key ingredients are natural fruit essence and propylene glycol
  • Affordable, non-greasy, moisturising and easy to clean
  • Acetone-free and does not contain harmful ingredients
  • Removes polishes effectively
  • Pack of 1 includes 32 pieces
  • Rich in Vitamin E formulations, Fresh Fruit Flavor
  • 100% natural and Biodegradable, thus environmentally friendly
  •  Each wipe can clean up to 10 nails

obn nail paint remover wipes

How To Use

Take a wipe and gently rub on polished nails. Although you may feel that there is nothing on the wipes But, as you rub the nails the wipes get oilier and oilier.

OBN nail polish remover wipes review

My experience

I have applied this nail paint over chipped blue nail paint. That is why it looks weird. 🙂 I had to travel due to urgent family matters and i did not have the time to remove and paint my nails. Packing and getting things ready took all of my time.

OBN nail polish remover wipes review

This single nail paint remover wipe removed nail polish from 10 fingers of my hands and 5 fingers from one of my feet. I hope i word that sentence correctly.

OBN nail polish remover wipes review

OBN wipes did remove all the four layers of nail paint without leaving any stains or marks behind. But while removing Blue Heaven nail paints, it does leave a terrible stain behind. I think it might be because of the nail paint though.

I haven’t been able to test the Blue Heaven nail paint with normal liquid nail polish remover but my mom tested this and said that, the liquid remover does not leave a stain behind.

OBN nail polish remover wipes review


  • Easy to carry
  • Single wipe is enough for 10 fingers
  • Pretty easy to use
  • Convenient packaging
  • Easily available
  • No irritation from the socked cream
  • Available in six flavours
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Contains 32 wipes
  • Does not leave stains most of the time
  • Affordable
  • Leaves an oil film on the nails
  • Acetone free


  • Left stains behind from Blue Heavens nail paints (darker colours)
  • If left without using, the wipes dry out. (Happened to my mom)
  • Takes slightly longer time to remove nail paint compared to liquid removers.

You may also go for Kara Nail Paint remover Wipes which also works beautifully in removing nail polish without leaving stains.

kara nail polish remover wipes

Will I Recommend These Nail Polish Remover Pads?

Yes, Absolutely. It is easy to use without any mess.

Have A Good day ! 🙂

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