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Mirabelle Korea Herbs Fairness Facial Mask Review

This sheet mask for fairness is suitable for those with dull skin. Mirabelle Korea Herbs Fairness Facial Mask provides instant brightness without causing any irritation.

Is it better than its competitors? Let us see.

Mirabelle Korea Herbs Fairness Facial Mask


A dull, blemished and congested complexion is your skin concern, try using the Mirabelle Korea Herbs Fairness Facial Mask. Mirabelle Fairness Facial Mask with Herb Extracts is specially formulated for Indian skin.

It delivers rich nutrients to the skin and provides intense moisture and fairness. It contains various extracts of Lavender, Lily, Rosemary and Chamomile which helps refine the skin texture and keep the skin pure and clear.


* Contains extracts of Lavender, Lily, Rosemary and Chamomile
* Provides intense moisture
* Refines skin texture and keeps it clear
* Ideal for dull skin
* One time use sheet mask
* Suitable for all skin types
* 100% pure Cotton Mask Sheet
* Made in Korea
* Can be used by both women and men


99 Rupees

Buy Now


Dull Skin – MiraBelle Herbs Fairness Facial Mask Contains various extracts of Lavender, Lily, Rosemary and Chamomile.

Mirabelle sheet mask for fairness


  • Wash the face with normal water and wipe with towel.
  • Gently apply the facial mask on the entire face.
  • Relax for 10 to 15 minutes and then remove the mask.
  • Tap gently on the face to absorb the remaining essence.

Sheet Mask for fairness

My Experience

Normal sensitive skin

MiraBelle sheet mask for fairness actually works better than most of the sheets masks I have tried from Innisfree and The Faceshop. Usually sheet masks need to be used regularly in order to see results but this sheet mask is certainly different.

I had a bad experience with The Faceshop jelly sheet mask. Ever since then I never expected anything to work on my skin. As this was a gift from my mother, I decided to give it try.

To my surprise, there were no redness, itching or dullness like the usual times. I kept the sheet mask for an hour until it became kind of dry. When I took the mask off, there wasn’t any stickiness or anything uncomfortable. I applied the rest of the serum on my neck and hands.

There was an instant brightness and my skin looked much better. It was hydrated, soft and calm. As I was recovering from flu, my skin was being neglected for about a week. This miraBelle sheet mask for fairness worked when I least expected it.

To be honest, I wouldn’t have bought this as I have never really tried anything from this brand before. Thanks to my mom for introducing me to MiraBelle. Now I like this brand of sheet masks more than its counterparts. I will definitely try more from MiraBelle in the future. 🙂

If you can, continue using this sheet mask for at least a week or three times a week to see best results.

It helps refine the skin texture and keep the skin pure and clear.

Will I Recommend This?

Yes, absolutely. It is perfect for dull skin. I will try other variants next time.

Other Variants Of MiraBelle Fairness Sheet Mask

Mirabelle facial sheet mask

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