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How To Use Neem For Acne?

Neem is an antioxidant which has anti fungal and antibacterial properties. The leaves of neem contains a bio flavinoid that helps to fade scars and spots. This neem face pack helps with controlling excess oil and prevents further clogging of the pores. It also helps pull out toxins.

Neem is effective in reducing any redness, irritation and swelling. Protects our skin from environmental pollutants and thus it helps prevent premature aging

Below is another one of my favourite neem face pack. It is perfect for summers and gives clear glowing skin.

Easy Neem Face Pack For Clear Glowing Skin

Neem Face Pack benefits

Neem face packs made of pure neem leaves or powdered dry neem leaves are beneficial to the skin. It helps to clear acne, fade marks, scars and spots, reduces pigmentation, and brightens your skin. The neem face packs effect change with the ingredient that you are mixing it with.

You can also use neem water to spray your face after cleansing.

How To Prepare A Neem Toner?

  • Boil 20-30 neem leaves until the water becomes green. Store it in a spray bottle and spritz it on your face twice a day.

I have used this on my baby when she had summer rashes on her back which was itchy. I used to make this everyday and bathe her in neem water. It was quite effective i would say. I have also used neem water to get rid of dandruff and itching on multiple occassions.

Neem Helps Fade Acne Scars and Spots

Fresh neem leaves are better for any face pack but if it is not readily available then go for a good brand neem powder. The turmeric used in any face pack is the ‘kasturi’ type that is also known as wild turmeric  You can also use the raw turmeric root.

Not all these face packs may be suitable for you. Find the one best suited for your skin and stick with it.

Why you should Have Neem Leaves?

Pregnant Women should not ingest Neem Leaves.

  • It helps Purify blood
  • Helps with removing toxins
  • Helps reduce Acne
  • Neem also helps fade dark spots
  • Ingesting Neem leaves is good for your eyes
  • Strengthens the immune system as it is antibacterial, antiviral and anti microbial.
  • Cleanses the colon
  • Destroys bad bacteria in the intestines

My Experience:

Long time ago when i was five or six years old, I went to my grandma’s on summer vacation. While staying there, i got a boil on my nose. No one took it seriously until there was swelling. My nose was swollen like a clown’s. It was really painful too. Even my cheeks were hurting.

It was a weekend, My grand parent’s took me to the hospital and the pediatrician said that i need a general surgery to prevent further infection.

It hurt like hell when i accidentally touch it. I could literally see stars in front of my eyes. 🙁

My grandma then made a neem face pack with the below ingredients:

  • Fresh Neem Leaves + Turmeric Root + Tulsi/Basil leaves + Little Tree Plant +Honey

Little Tree Plant (biophytum sensitivum) is similar to Touch-Me-Not (Sensitive Plant) and it looks like the below pic.

The plant is Antibacterial, antioxidant rich, Promotes healing so is anti inflammatory. It also has various other uses when injested and hence is used in ayurvedic concoctions.
Little tree plant face pack for acne

She kept the pack until it dried and replaced it with a new layer all throughout the day. We just kept applying and applying the face pack.The next day evening the swelling reduced and the pimple/Boil opened by itself without any picking or squeezing. 🙂

Monday came, We once again went to visit the doctor. He checked again and said that i did not need a surgery as the “Boil/Pimple Whatever” has started to dry out and the swelling subsided. Since then i am a huge fan of this recipe.

It really works that too in nearly two day’s time. 🙂

  • Try to use fresh ingredients as much as possible. This really affects the result.

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Neem Face Pack For Dry Skin

  • Mix Neem powder, Rice flour with milk cream and turmeric.
  • Neem Leaves, Turmeric , Honey
  • Fresh Neem leaves, Aloe Vera gel and Honey

These face packs can be used everyday or up to three times a week.

Neem Face Pack For Oily Skin

  • Honey, Turmeric and Neem leaves.
  • Neem, Honey and Lemon
  • Fuller’s Earth, Honey and Neem leaves
  • Neem Powder and Curd

If using neem powder, Add rose water to mix everything together. In case of fresh neem leaves, You may not need to add additional water.

Neem Oil For Spot Treatment

Take a small amount on a cotton ball and dab the area you wish to treat. Leave it overnight.

Neem oil has excellent moisturising properties. It can be diluted with other carrier oils like grape seed or Jojoba oil and used as a moisturiser.

If this blend seems oily for your skin, replace oils with Aloevera gel. Aloevera also has moisturising and healing properties.

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  • Sensitive skin beauties may require a patch test even after diluting the neem oil. Neem oil may be too potent for sensitive skin and those with skin conditions like eczema.
  • Avoid Neem oil during pregnancg and Breast feeding
  • Do not use on kids


Avoid Sugar And Dairy Products Which May Aggravate Acne.
Stay Away From Fried Oily Foods
Neem Face Pack May Not Have an Affect On Acne Due To Hormonal Imbalances.



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