Ensure Women’s Safety In India – Emergency Helpline Numbers, Trusted Apps And Stun Guns

In this age where women or even babies are not safe, we should be prepared to face such incidents until the society becomes safe or the laws change. Even though we hear such tragic incidents we tend to assume that it will never happen to us. 🙁 🙁 Everything related to Women’s safety is what we are going to cover today,

In this article you will find details on,

  • Self-defence apps available
  • Safety tips
  • Self-defence tools and where to buy them
  • What is Right to self-defence law?
  • Self-defence classes – Contact Details

These may increase the chances and ensure a women’s safety

Save the helpline number on your phone now. All numbers are in the below link.

Women Helpline Number According To Each State

We need to educate ourselves according to the changing society and hence comes the importance of self-defence. The are times when a fraction of a second can change your life. Responding to a grave situation and being bold enough to take action might just save you from being a victim.

Safety Tips

Do not bother with politeness, kindness and femininity in times of trouble.

Always trust your instincts. If you think something’s off, get away from there.

Install a good security app on your phone. Set speed dialling in case of emergencies especially in your child’s phone.

Do not leave kids\babies with other guys whoever they may be.

Do not fall asleep in a cab/taxi. It doesn’t matter whether the driver is a 60 year old grandpa.

Keep yourselves awake by talking on the phone. Do whatever it takes so that you don’t regret later.

If you are trouble, don’t be afraid to call for help.

Be active at least on Watsapp groups or messenger.

While driving lock all doors. Do not open whatever the reason may be. Although glasses can be broken, it will give you time to respond and call for help.

Self-defence tools

Keep one of the below self-defence tools to defend yourself.

Self-defence techniques are definitely helpful but in a panic and due to adrenaline rush, there is a huge chance that our mind might go completely blank making us unable to react even scream.

The tools come in hand during those times. One of the advantages of self-defence tools is that we do not need lot of force and so it works against anyone regardless of their size.

The products links are as below,

Pepper spray

Lipstick Stun Gun Totally Recommend 🙂

Stun Gun with Flash Light

eAlarm Personal Safety (Sounds an alarm loud as loud as a siren)

*Knowing Self-defence moves wont hurt. Remember these locations to make the most out of your move. You may get only one chance to break away from the perpetrator. Remember, You have to hit the Eyes, Nose, Throat, Groin, Knee, Shin.

Apps For Women Safety

There are countless number of apps in google play store that focus towards women’s safety. Few of them are given below. The links should be able to get you to the downloads page.


It has GPS tracking and provides direction to nearby safe locations.

Download from Google Play store here – MySafetypin

112 India

Download from Google Play store here – 112India

The App will send emergency alerts with the user’s details(name, age, emergency contacts) and location information, along with a generated call to ‘112’ – to the State Emergency Control Room and the person’s emergency contacts.


Show live GPS location to selected contacts.
It has a fake call setting.
In case of emergency, it notifies the location and video to the selected contacts.
It even has a siren.

Download from Google Play store here- bSafe

Himmat plus

Recommended by Delhi police.
Needs registration.

Download from Google Play store here – HimmatPlus

Self Defense Apps

Right to Self-Defence Law:

This is extracted from an article in Daily hunt.

Murder During a Rape Attempt : If a girl or woman is fearing that the next individual will harm her or she is going to be raped then she can use self-defence. If on any point a woman feels that this assault can be harmful to her, then murder by the woman will not be considered a murder in a court of law.

Any injury in Rape to man is not considered by Law. If during a rape, a woman harms the attacker in any way then this is seen as an act of self-defence. That means that if a woman, during a sexual assault, bites the face of the man and he dies, then it would not be murder.

You can read more about it Here

Self-defence class

The below details are from their respective websites. These classes help with women safety to an extend.

BJJ India

Location: New Delhi
Book a Free Trial Class Now, Call : 837-7811-837

BJJ is an art of self-defence that focuses on ground techniques requiring minimum strength, speed and flexibility, placing greater emphasis on timing and a deeper understanding of bio-mechanics. BJJ enables the practitioner to defend without causing harm to himself or the opponent.

Krav Maga Global

Locations: Mumbai, Goa, Pune, New Delhi & NCR, Kolkata, Chennai, Trivandrum, Bangalore, Howra, Vizag, Kochi

Krav Maga prepares the trainees in the subjects of self-defense, self-protection, fighting and combat skills, as well as skills to defend others, all in unique and comprehensive teachings and way.

To find their address, email id and contact numbers of any of the above mentioned locations, Click Here

Women’s self-defense center -WSDC

Location: Mumbai
Helpline: +91-7718048616, +91-7718048617, +91-7718048618, +91-7718048619.

In the heart of Mumbai, located at Andheri Sports complex, its the only center of its kind in India, Initiated, supported & endorsed by Shri Aaditya Thackeray & Akshay Kumar.

What makes this program unique is its study and use of pressure points (weak links) in the human anatomy, techniques specifically designed, to target, easy to reach pressure points, produce devastating results.

if used, relatively little or no strength is required to use these techniques, making them ideal for children, women and the elderly.

Survivor Instincts

Location: Chennai

Mobile:+91 91766 93012

The Workshop is an actionable program, that it directly empowers women to protect themselves from gender based crime and assault. It certainly helps to improve general awareness at home, workplace and while commuting

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