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Workout mistakes that prevents you from losing weight

You are what you eat:

Pay attention to your diet. Weight loss depends on calorie intake vs calorie burn rate. If you are not watching your diet then there may not be any changes in your weight even if you are hitting the gym regularly. With a healthy diet, a man needs around 2,500kcalories a day to just maintain his weight and For a woman, it is around 2,000kcalories. If you want to boost your calorie burn work out while fasting(early morning). When you exercise in a such a state the body is naturally forced to burn fat. If you take too little calories than the recommended amount, then your body will lose muscle mass instead of that stubborn fat which is obviously not healthy. Protein deficit diet will also affect your body’s capacity to repair muscles and recover. Just because you are trying to lose weight, you should not cut off fat completely which will have a negative impact on your weight loss journey. Make sure the chicken you are including as a main protein food is not injected with growth hormone, that will affect your weight loss.( from personal experience)

Are you doing cardio correctly?

There is known to be a delicate balance from cheating and overstraining in cardio.Anything less than 25 minutes is cheating and cardio more than 45 minutes is too much. Over doing cardio may result in exhausting yourself which is not our intention is it? So choose to stay between 25-45 minutes while doing cardio. Come to think of it, Most DVD’s that I own have a cardio routine ranging anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes.

Only Cardio and no strength training:

I belong to this category. I have been doing Leslie sansone videos along with yoga. I never had any weight issues so I stacked to these exercises. I have been doing it all wrong all these years without realising it. I had the misconception that I might become bulk by doing weight training. Recently I have started doing weight training. I started with 2 pounds of weight but now it feels too easy, just Not much resistance. So I have increased the weights. Isn’t cardio enough?

Yes, cardio helps in calorie burn but you have to include many muscle groups to boost the calorie burn. strength training has a higher level of post exercise oxygen consumption than aerobic exercise. It helps to burn calories all throughout the day. With a proper calorie intake, It also helps in toning the body and increase endurance. It is preferred to do strength training twice a week with a rest day in between.

Skipping high-intensity interval training (HIIT): 

This is a form of workout routine that really results in weight loss. Usually you do the workout in high intensity for 30 seconds Follwed by a slower active rest pace for 15 seconds. This helps with maximum calories burn in  minimum amount of time. HIIT burns adipose tissue more effectively than any other form of exercise, that is up to 50% more efficiently. It also helps in speeding up your metabolism which you burn more calories throughout the day.

Are you Inconsistent? 

I have back issues that forces me to be consistent. My doctor has strictly advised not to gain weight because of that. Else I would have been lazy. Ok now, do you have the. Motivation to be consistent?

You need to workout anywhere in between 30 to 45 minutes to lose weight. The workout schedule should include HIIT training and strength training. You should workout atleast four days a week while maintaining a proper diet in order to lose  weight. Yoga or walking less than 20 minutes will not help in losing weight. If you do not intend to lose weight, then with diet control these light physical activities might be enough to maintain your weight.

Doing Same Workout routine everyday?

Yes I do. I do yoga in the morning and DVD workouts in the evening. I’m not trying to lose weight so it’s fine. I like doing fun workouts anyway and they motivate me to keep going. But I’m sure I look stupid doing the dance workout.This won’t work if you are trying to lose weight.

If you are working out like before and not losing weight then it means your body has reached a plateau. The exercise that you are doing no longer presents a challenge to your body. Rotating between different workouts are best to avoid this. Include different routines in your weekly routine. HIIT training, upper body workouts, lower body workouts and strength training. If you workout for more than 45-55 minutes your body goes into a shock like state which might result in you feeling fatigued rather than energised. This is due the hormones released when you workout.

Not having a proper Post workout food:

After a cardio workout,you have to consume a high-quality protein food and carbohydrate after a 30-45 minute time interval. But after a strength training workout it differs, you Need a fast absorbing meal to repair your muscles. You should take your post workout meal within 15-30 minutes after the strength training routine.

 Training without Rest And Recovery period:

Ater a high intensity workout your muscle fibres need a 48 hour break in order fully heal and recover. You should not do high intensity workout for more than three times a week. The higher the intensity,the lesser the frequency of he workout. If you do not take days off then your health will deteriorate and instead of feeling energised you will feel blue and fatigued. Do not over strain your body. Do within your limits.

Inadequate Sleep:

It’s is advisable to sleep for eight hours a day, not a disrupted sleep but a peaceful one. Not getting enough sleep affects the hormones and even becomes  factor in cancer growth. A good nights sleep is needed for our body to recover and heal. Without it we may feel sluggish or even dizzy when you workout. You may not be able to push to the limit and tend to be tired, irritated or lazy more often. Sometimes exercising late night might also make you active due the hormones released while for others it’s the opposite. You have to find out which category you belong to and make adjustments.

Using an Incorrect posture:

This is really important in reaping maximum benefits and even in reducing risks of injury. Squats for example if not done correctly will result in knee issues but with proper form, it helps in strengthening the connective tissue in the knee. You have to engage you core, gluten and thigh muscles when doing squats and make sure the knee stays right above your ankle and does not cross your feet when squatting. Most exercises requires your back to be kaept straight without bending which might result in lower back pain. Keeping your core tight even while walking or in a plank helps in maintaining correct posture. Comprimising posture leads to lesser benefits and injuries.


Stick to a proper high protein diet

Have a cheat meal once in a while

Plan a workout routine and be consistent

Include strength training along with cardio twice a week

Do cardio for more than 25 min and less than 45 min for maximum calorie burn

Maintain correct posture during workouts

Dont overdo and overstrain. It’s not worth it

Take recovery days to heal and repair the muscles

Sleep well for eight hours

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