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How to prevent cancer by making lifestyle changes?

Even if we take good care of ourselves, there is no guarantee that we will live a long life. But adopting a cancer free lifestyle reduces the cancer risks by a huge margin and also help some in detecting cancer in the early stages.

Cancers like breast, skin, colon and lungs can be cured completely if detected in the early stages. You may heard about the different stages of cancer like 1,2,3 and 4 that are determined by the progress of the cancer cell growth. The greater the number, the lesser the chances of survival. That’s why detecting it early really plays a major role in the treatment process.

Cancer could be malignant or non malignant which means cancer that spread to other parts by traveling through the blood stream and which does not. Do not wait until you are diagnosed to make a change in your life style. Your life affects those around you.

Self check instructions for breast cancer


1. Do a body check:

Paying attention to your body helps detect breast cancer and skin cancer. These type of cancers are completely curable if detected and treated in the early stages.

2. Get your daily dose of vitamin D:

Research proves that vitamin D reduces cancer risk by half so get your daily sunlight or take supplements as prescribed by a doctor. Avoid going out in the sun during the peak hours i.e, 10-4pm. Prolonged exposure to sunlight causes skin cancer so it is advisable to get enough sunlight during early morning hours or in the evening.

Wear sunscreen of spf 30+++ or above when you are outside and reapply as needed. Recent studies show that applying sunscreen does not affect our body’s ability to make vitamin D.

3. Stop smoking and keep alcohol consumption in moderation:

Smoking causes lung cancer not only to the smokers but to those around them too. You might have already heard of the term passive smoking. Do not smoke inside your house or car as the kids health will Be affected. Passive smoking may cause cancer or breathing issues in children.

Teach your kids about the dangers of chewing tobacco/ smoking because the way we raise them also plays a major part in their character. Let us teach them to distinguish right from wrong.

4. Moderate exercise:

Exercises do not have to be a chore. Motivate yourself. It’s better if you have a walking or workout buddy. You can just dance or do yoga or swim to move your body. We live in a time when there is so little physical activity but our body needs moderate exercise. Even senior people need to at least walk for 30 minutes.

5. Maintain a healthy diet:

You must make sure to include vegetables, seasonal fruits, healthy fats in your daily diet. Drink enough water to hydrate yourself. If you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated. Include olive oil or canola oil as they are the healthiest oils. I like to use ghee as it has good cholesterol, but remember to use it in moderation.

Even the healthy oils has to be used in moderation as it is the total calories that count. I also include almonds and walnuts and occasionally pumpkin seeds because they are rich in good fats. Stay away from red meat. Include fishes like salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines in your diet. They also contain omega 3 fatty acids just like nuts.

6. Stay away from unhealthy  foods

The debate on whether white sugar causes cancer is still going on. The recommended daily intake of sugar of sugar is limited to five spoons. Do not use pre packed food or ready to eat foods that has ingredients that you cannot even read. Reduce and eliminate processed foods, sugar or fructose. These foods feed cancer cells and promote growth.

In a country where the health departments rules and regulations are not so strict, do not believe that all products that claim to be organic are really organic. Stick to the same routine of washing vegetables and fruits after soaking it in baking soda for twenty minutes and washing thoroughly in running water whether they are organic or not.

7. Get Screening Tests:

The below cancer test should be done at regular intervals. Talk to your doctor regarding this. Do not be shy to talk about this. Your life is important. Make sure to pay attention to changes in your body. Create awareness in children when appropriate.
Colon and rectal cancer
Breast cancer
Cervical cancer
Lung cancer (especially smokers)

8. Manage stress properly:

Stress disrupts our hormones and negatively affects our health. It even interferes with our sleep. Do guided meditation or ASMR meditation as these two methods are my favorite. Listening to music also helps. Choose  a playlist that is soothing even instrumental music lullabies will do the work. If nothing works, talk to a doctor  and get some counseling. Learn to forgive and forget.

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